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Zeevou allows investors and landlords who work with vacation rental management companies to view their earnings in real time.
Owner Portal

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There are many management companies for vacation rentals, short term lettings or serviced apartments that offer services to owners of properties or investors who lease properties to then sublet (known as rental arbitrage in the US or Rent to Rent/R2R in the UK).

A concern that all their clients have in common is transparency from the part of the hosts. This usually means having real-time access to bookings, so that they know what the occupancy levels are and when guests are arriving and leaving. Occupancy levels are meant to give some indication of performance, and arrival and departure times are required for cases when an owner wants to access their property between bookings.

However, every vacation rental home owner will know that occupancy levels are not an adequate level of performance, as a place could be fully occupied at low rates. They therefore usually have to wait until the end of the month (and perhaps some extra days beyond that) to find out how their property did the previous month, by which time market conditions (and subsequently their property’s performance) may have changed significantly.

How Can Zeevou's Owner Portal Help?

Zeevou’s Owner Portal offers real-time access to owners, landlords, and investors. Hosts can specify whether owners should be able to see only financials, or financials and guest details.

What an owner can see when logging in will depend on the access level that the host gives them when creating their profile.

If a host is set to see financial details, they will only be able to see the finances relating to the booking, and any add-ons to which they have been assigned part of the profit. They will also have access to the Monthly Profit Report, so they can see details of all income and expenses relating to their property. This allows owners to have a clear understanding of their property’s performance, as well as commissions held by booking agents and management fees charged by hosts.

If an investor is given access to view guest data, in addition to the above, they will also be able to see the names and contact details of the guests staying.

In both cases, investors can also see arrival and departure times, and the number of guests staying. These can be viewed in the booking itself, or on the main occupancy calendar. Owners only have access to the bookings of guests who have stayed in their units and cannot view details of any properties that do not belong to them.

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