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Unified Inbox

Manage all communications (emails and SMSes) for guests and staff from one central location and keep track of everything.
Unified Inbox

We understand your challenges...

Guest communications can be burdensom to keep track of, as a vacation rental company may have several members of staff in charge of guest communications. Thus, one person may reply to a request and everyone else on the team has to be kept informed.

Moreover, communications can frequently take place across multiple platforms – a physical mobile phone for text messaging, a channel manager that manages communications for certain channels but not others, and one or a number of email inboxes using providers such as Gmail.

Ensuring VAs and remote staff have access to sending and receiving text messages is a challenge of its own. Moreover, constantly switching between platforms to read and reply to guest communications can become tedious. A flexible, unified inbox is required.

How can Zeevou's Unified Inbox Help?

Zeevou Chat allows you to import all your emails, whether they come from an OTA and relate to a booking, or are a general enquiry about your services from an owner. This means that your entire team can access all messages and emails from one central location in a unified inbox. 

Each booking also contains a log of any communications (whether emails or SMSes) that relate to it. This allows you to easily keep track of the conversation thread with that particular guest, and you can even add notes in the same view for internal purposes.

Inboxes are created for every member of staff, for any team created within Zeevou, and for every brand that you use to market your properties. This offers a high degree of flexibility for ensuring that your branding and degree of formality desired is spot on outgoing emails, and that there is an easy flow of communications of individuals with guests and across teams with outside parties.

At the point that a booking hits Zeevou, regardless of where it comes from, the guest gets sent an automated Booking Confirmation email as part of the automated booking processing. The guest is prompted to enter their real email address, and from that point onward all emails are sent to the real email address.

Given that Zeevou Chat manages both channel communications, as well as guest and other emails and text messaging, it allows teams to effectively coordinate their communications from one central location in a unified inbox. 

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