Zeevou Cal

Zeevou Cal displays the bookings across all your properties in one central multi-unit calendar. It allows you to have a clear visual overview of which dates have been booked and which are yet to sell.

Overall Occupancy Calendar

The overall occupancy calendar displays all your units in one page.

City-based Occupancy Calendar

If you rent out properties in multiple cities and wish to be able to find one specific unit in a particular locality, you can use a city-based occupancy calendar which will only display the units located within that city.


Bookings are colour-coded according to their stage of development. You can create a booking by clicking on any check-in date, then dragging and dropping your mouse to the right and releasing it on the check-out date. Existing bookings are coded as booked, paid for, checked-in, checked-out, etc. Hovering over a booking displays key information about that booking, and offers shortcuts for viewing/ editing/ unallocating the booking.

Another feature in Zeevou Cal is the cancelled bookings display. If you get a double booking or an overbooking for any reason, an additional “Unallocated” row will be added under your units for that unit type. The unallocated bookings will be displayed there if they fall within the date-range that you are viewing. You can move bookings between units or to a different set of dates just by dragging and dropping the booking icon to a new location. Bookings marked “Do Not Move” are clearly displayed as such.

Zeevou has been built with the needs of hospitality providers who run different types of units across several locations in mind. Units are grouped together by unit type and are then further categorised by property.

Zeevou Cal also displays the status of your rooms in real time. When a check-out is logged into the system, the unit is marked as dirty and remains so until a housekeeper or an admin marks it as clean. This enables you to track the cleanliness of all your units directly from your calendar. The status of each unit can be easily toggled with a click.

The calendar displays a 30-day range. Zeevou Cal allows you to easily navigate one month forward or backward at a time, as well as to set a custom start date at any point in the past or future.

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