4 Most Inspiring Vacation Rental TV Shows

4 Most Inspiring Vacation Rental TV Shows-Zeevou

Why should you watch vacation rental TV shows?

To make the most of what you do, first, you must love what you do. People who like their jobs are more likely to make flourishing careers.

So, to make a happy, prosperous vacation rental manager, you need to learn how to love your job and turn it into a pleasure in the first place.

A great way to make your job more enjoyable and take the boredom out of it is to self-educate yourself and keep learning while working.

Education is everywhere. Just look for it. Look for opportunities to learn in your everyday life. There is so much from books, industry blogs and newsletters to podcasts and even TV shows out there (often free) to educate yourself on how to run a vacation rental business effectively.

Among all the content, vacation rental TV shows are the most entertaining of them all. You might not be feeling like reading after long hard hours of work, but it is easy to loll on the sofa, grab the remote and tune in to an insightful vacation rental TV show. 

Here are our recommendations for you. Give these shows a try.

1. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (2021)

In this reality series, three travellers Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Luis D. Ortiz, visit the most impressive rental properties around the world and take us inside with them.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is an adventurous, entertaining and informative TV show about the vacation rental industry that adds up brand new viewpoints to the travel space.

While giving its audience itchy feet, it teaches them that travel is not all about staying at awfully pricey hotels and gives them an understanding of the kind of stay vacationers prefer today.

Featuring a wide range of vacation rentals from a natural cave lodge and exotic tropical bungalows to a private Island and a remote igloo in Finland, the show unveils many unique B&Bs and hidden gems. 

It shows travellers that Airbnb does not necessarily mean cheap accommodation at some ordinary apartments as an alternative for hotels or hostels. It boasts a wide range of options for every budget and travel style and can offer the most unique rental options.

The best part is that all the vacation homes on the show are available to rent, and the prices and amenities are mentioned.

Vacation rental managers can benefit from the expert tips and tricks in this reality series and gain a broader outlook of global tourism trends.

Watch the show on Netflix.

2. Scott’s Vacation House Rules (2020)

In this home renovation show, real estate expert Scott McGillivray’s passion for renovation and vacation rental improvement brings a unique real estate investing and renovation experience to your screens. 

As Scott and his designer friend Debra Salmoni transform the run-down, outdated, and dull vacation homes into impressive properties, vacation rental owners rethink their own vacation rentals. They find out how to upgrade their vacation rentals to their maximum potential.

Besides bringing life to old properties, Scott’s Vacation House Rules increases the value of the homes by giving them a unique character. Scott and his team turn a property into a lake lover’s dream and the other one to a horse-themed rental home or a spot for serious gamers.

The show makes property managers think up of the exclusive activity their property or location can offer and focus on making their rental stand out from the crowd.

Watch Scott’s Vacation House Rules on HGTV.

3. Stay Here (2018)

Much like Scott’s Vacation House Rules, Stay Here is a renovation show in which interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate specialist Peter Lorimer transform short-term rental homes into money-maker five-star rentals.

However, Stay Here goes far beyond a renovation show by presenting vacation homeowners with some unique ways to effectively run their vacation rental business.

Gorder and Lorimer analyse each rental property and offer marketing tactics to reach the homeowners’ financial goals and boost their profits.

They show the homeowners how to define their own goals and anticipated occupancy rate to have their marketing plans based on measuring their improvements.

The vacation rental managers learn ways to enhance their guest experience, promote their property online, manage listings on high-traffic online booking platforms, build a brand to stand out from the competition and make the most out of their vacation rental business.

The show also highlights the importance of setting house rules and having a direct booking website to save vacation rental managers money from OTA commissions and maximise their profits.

Watch this show on Netflix.

4. Vacation Rental Potential (2017) 

Holly Baker, an experienced real estate professional and vacation rental owner, helps people to make an investment in the short-term rental business by purchasing properties to rent.

Holly helps buyers to find a property on their budget in their envisioned location. She evaluates the price, location, amenities, and property’s overall potential to turn it into a glamorous vacation rental.

After purchasing the property, she works with the homeowners to list it on online booking websites like Vrbo and Airbnb and turn it into an actual property where the viewers can later book to stay.

This show is especially recommended to the people who intend to invest in vacation rentals and consider stepping into the vacation rental business. It provides the viewers with a general understanding of what sort of property can make a good vacation rental and things to consider before investing. 

Moreover, the show offers some industry knowledge and tips and tricks on marketing a vacation rental and unleashing a vacation rental’s potential.

You can get to love more of what you do by considering the bigger picture of your career. Always remember that you won’t move forward in your vacation rental manager role unless you constantly keep learning and growing.

Hopefully, the vacation rental business has become so popular that there are ways to educate yourself as the number of vacation rental managers on the planet.

Among all the vacation rental content and media, we highly recommend vacation rental TV shows, to begin with.

Add some salt and pepper to your vacation rental business, relieve stress, get inspired, and find out the latest industry insights just by relaxing in front of the TV watching vacation rental TV shows.

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