8 Tips for Building a Good Direct Booking Website

8 Tips for Building a Good Direct Booking Website

Capturing more direct bookings will sooner or later require building a good direct booking website. A good #bookdirect website stimulates the growth of your short term rental business by investing your time for your own profit instead of helping OTAs gain more fame and fortune. It also provides you with your own business identity, thus brand awareness. By showing your website, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand, listings, its associated services and USPs (Unique Selling Points). 

Firstly, you need to attract travellers and lead them to your website. You should build up materials and provide a functional layout, one that wouldn’t deter travellers searching for accommodation.

How to Lead Travellers to Your Direct Booking Website

1. Provide Content

The quality of the content that you publish on your direct booking website is extremely important. You have to include enough information about your services. You need clear, appealing photos showcasing your listings. This is the most impactful way of communicating with potential customers, so do not hesitate to hire a professional photographer for best results. Prepare a generously explained FAQ section based on the questions your team have been asked. If you are new to hosting, use your imagination or look at other sites to come up with a list of FAQs. This section should include all the questions people might encounter before, during, and after placing a booking.

Write blog posts about the topics people travelling to your cities may be interested in. As a local person, you are in the best position to describe your cities attractions and eye-catching corners. Write about the best places to eat or drink in different categories such as the cheapest places or the most elegant options. Make a list of itineraries of different lengths that they could take during their stay to land the searchers into your direct booking website.

 2. Be Aware of the Magic of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the key to help you build a good direct booking. While providing content, you should include specific terms which are commonly searched by your target audience. You need to optimise your content SEO-wise.

Keywords are super important because people who are searching about your business and listings in search engines use them. You need to include the words which are close enough to commonly searched topics of your industry. Ubersuggest helps you by suggesting keywords for free. However, Google Keyword Planner is always the best choice as it comes free of charge and offers the most accurate database of keywords and statistics. 

Meta Description is a description limited to about 150 characters which shows a summary of a page’s content. t is crucial to include keywords in it to be featured in search engines and generate click-throughs. Take a look at Yoast to learn more about meta descriptions. 

Rich Snippets include structured data compared with snippets. Google shows snippets as a search result. By adding structured data in your site by adding a piece of code, search engines show more relevant data as search results. Read here to better understand what rich snippets are.  

Open Graph Tags for social media sharing: When you provide content, you will most probably share it on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. In order to have control over how the content travels from your direct booking website to social media platforms, you need Open Graph Meta tags in thepart of the website’s code. According to Neil Patel, “Adding Open Graph tags to your website won’t directly affect your on-page SEO, but it will influence the performance of your links on social media, so that means it’s worth looking into.” 

3. Take Care of Formatting

Use your branding and if you have not made any brand identity, start it today. It is essential nowadays to be recognised, and it adds to your credibility and reliability. Stamp your bookdirect website with your brand identity.

On your website, demonstrate your unique services. Show people the differences between booking with OTAs and booking on your direct channel. Including slogans like “Book Direct and Save up to 10%” make a difference to a potential booker. 

4. Ease of Conversion

Conversion rate simply means conversion of visits to your website to a desired goal, which is direct booking in your case. Display clear call-to-action buttons (Book Direct, for example), show the booking dashboard clearly, decorate your website with your branding and pay attention to graphic designs. A tedious design drives bookers away!

5. Provide Promotions

Respecting rate parity is part of the rules of accommodation providers in many countries. With voucher codes and promotions, you can offer the best rates in real time while respecting rate parity clauses that OTAs impose. You can increase the value of direct booking with amenities like free breakfast or parking space.

Returning guests could get discounts and special packages for special occasions. This is for sure a great way to earn loyalty, hence repeat bookers. 

6. Harness the Power of Social Media

If you have added a listing or have made a renovation, use social media to promote it. Share links of your website featuring those parts. Encourage people to visit your direct booking website by creating engaging content in social media posts. You can share your promotions in social media posts as well.

How to Streamline Operations of Your Direct Booking Website

7. Implement a Booking Engine

Secondly, after attracting potential customers and landing them on your website, you have to make the booking process run as smoothly and easily as possible. You need a functional and efficient booking engine that hooks potential bookers immediately; you don’t want to lose hard-earned direct bookings lost because of a website lacking updated rates and availability.

How Zeevou Helps You Build a Good Direct Booking Website

 8.  Ask Zeevou Show 

Either sign up to Zeevou or subscribe to Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan, and you’ll get access to a free SEO-friendly direct booking website automatically generated by Zeevou. Alternatively, you can also just use it as a booking engine and link it up to your existing site.

The website is dynamically updated to display the latest content entered on Zeevou. It is useful to view property and unit details, rates and availability, photos and descriptions, amenities and a selection of reviews. The website is SEO friendly and is perfect for multi-location serviced apartment providers or vacation rental management companies. It is because it enables a user to search and book instantly across your whole portfolio. The websites generated have a sleek modern design based around your logo and brand colour specifications.

Zeevou’s Booking Engine allows guests to book directly through your website with live rates and availability. It aims to maximise the conversion rate of your guests. How? By allowing bookings to be made in as few clicks as possible. Once a booking is placed, the guest is asked to confirm and provide additional information.
If you would like to first have a look at what we offer, please click here to book a Free Demo.

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