Airbnb Custom URLs: All You Need To Know

Airbnb Custom URLs

Hosts can employ custom Airbnb URL as Superhosts. Airbnb enables eligible hosts to take advantage of this Airbnb URL to create a custom URL for each of their listings. 

Therefore, Airbnb’s long listing URLs that look like anonymous addresses, and do not make any impression on guests, are eventually replaceable by ones using the airbnb.com/yourlistingname format, unless someone else has already used that particular name. However, the Airbnb Superhost can make only one URL per listing, and it is valid only as long as their Airbnb account is active. You cannot create an Airbnb custom URL to include all your listings. This also means that Airbnb can remove it at any time.

Why Do You Need an Airbnb Custom URL? 

  1. With Airbnb custom URL, you can convert your accommodation to a memorable brand for your guests. Normally, Airbnb allocates a number like #768039 to your listing. But with a custom URL, you can choose a name for each of your listings. 
  2. It looks much nicer if you can print a short and memorable link on your business card. You can promote your listing to direct more guests to it.
  3.  It can be the start of your branding journey. If you do not have a brand for your vacation rental, take the opportunity and start naming your custom URL the same name as your brand. 

Airbnb Custom URL’s Tips and Tricks

  • Keep consistency across your Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb custom URL, and your URL. If you have a website, try to use your website domain name or a name similar to your Airbnb custom URL.  
  • Do not change your Airbnb custom URL once you made it. It will not work then. 
  • Airbnb allocates one custom URL for each of the listings of any Superhost. You cannot have one custom URL for all your listings.
  • You only get to choose a link once for each listing, so you should make sure to read the terms and conditions of Airbnb Custom URL Policies in detail first.    
  • A substitute for Airbnb custom URL is the bit.ly link. It is a URL shortener that you can direct to any website of your choice. You can also replace your Airbnb URL with your direct booking website
  • If you have your direct booking website, we recommend sticking to your site instead of driving search traffic for the Airbnb website.

What to Choose For My Airbnb URL

Natacha Parmantier explains which URL to choose to get more bookings on this video

According to Airbnb:  

custom links can’t include:

  • Any variation of the word “Airbnb” or any other content that violates our brand guidelines
  • The word “verified”
  • The word “official” unless sanctioned by the person, place or organisation with whom the connection is asserted
  • Symbols or punctuation, except for hyphens
  • Fewer than three characters
  • Anything that violates Airbnb’s Content Policy

Custom links can’t consist only of:

  • Generic property types (for example, Apartment, Cabin, TreeHouse, Loft, Home)
  • Generic geographic locations (for example, SanFrancisco)
  • Numbers (all URLs must contain at least one letter)

Some examples of acceptable URLs:

  • /french-alps-holiday-homes-and-cabins
  • /babu-getaways
  • /helens-homes
  • /private-room-in-barcelona-city-centre

Airbnb Custom URL Steps  

Setting up your custom URL is relatively easy.  Before starting the process, bear in mind that you are eligible to create only one Airbnb URL per listing. So if you have three listings, you have to make sure you choose three URLs that direct people to each listing you host.

  1. On every listing page, you will find the following items: Amenities, Accessibility features, Title & Description, and Custom Link. Click on Custom Link. 
  2. Then click on “type your link”, shown in a different colour similar to the picture below. 

Alternatively, you might receive a message on your dashboard stating: Promote Listing by a Custom URL. In this case, the message will guide you through the steps. Read How do I make a custom link for my listing? By Airbnb to make sure you follow the instructions correctly.

Sugar-coated Airbnb Custom URL

Does Airbnb’s custom URL improve your SEO? Opponents of Airbnb’s custom URL criticise some of its features.  

  1. First of all, the opportunity seems to be unreliable. This link depends on Airbnb policies, which means Airbnb can suspend if the host loses the Superhost status. Similar problems have been experienced by entrepreneurs setting up a business through Facebook.  
  2. Secondly, the opportunity does not benefit all Airbnb hosts. Getting Airbnb’s custom URL is exclusive to Superhosts on Airbnb. While some plus Airbnb members already have a custom URL, the others have to wait for the new announcement. 
  3. Finally, the custom URL does not affect ranking on search engines.  When someone clicks on a custom URL, they are simply redirected to your Airbnb listing’s main URL. There are many tutorials on setting up a domain name for your Airbnb listing, which claim to give a personalised character to your vacation rental business. You can google to find also how Airbnb URL Shortener works. Still, these benefit Airbnb to grow.
  4. And in reality, that’s all it does. The main advantage of using a custom URL is that you get a unique link that you can share with family, friends, and regular guests. If you are looking for a unique URL to spread around and help Airbnb strengthen its position in the marketplace and earn more commissions, this seems to be a great way to go!

Your Custom URL

Instead, you may wish to consider setting up your website to increase direct bookings of your vacation rental business. In this way, you will be able to charge your guests more and at the same time offer them a discount, as there’s no middle man that needs a share of the pie!

Some channel managers and property management systems for vacation rentals and serviced apartments also offer booking engines. Zeevou is an easy to use online platform that automates hospitality management. One of its aims is to decrease hosts’ dependency on OTAs and listing sites by driving direct bookings. Vacation rental managers setting their website up through Zeevou can use their domain. The rich SEO tools offered help maximise the chances of showing up on top of search results. Zeevou creates a beautiful, SEO-friendly, modern website that expands visibility and increases the hosts’ profits. If you are interested in knowing more about how Zeevou can help hosts improve their SEO, please click on this link.

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