Breaking News: Airbnb Extends UK Calendar Blocks

Airbnb Extends UK Calendar Blocks

Airbnb has extended the block of booking calendars in the UK to new bookings that start on or before 17 May. Airbnb’s blocking booking calendars were started in the wake of the COIVID-19 situation in the UK.

In light of the current emergency period, the temporary blocks in calendars will be extended to new bookings that start on or before 17 May 2020. We will review these temporary measures and lift them as soon as we can, and keep you informed.

These measures will apply to all new bookings in your listing(s) for those dates, except bookings made as part of the Frontline Stays programme. If you’re interested in supporting that effort, you can register your interest here. 

We know that some of you have guests staying at the moment. To avoid them being displaced, existing bookings won’t be affected by these measures and can be extended. However, people should only be travelling when it’s essential.


This time Airbnb is leaving some space for the ones who would like to provide accommodation for key workers. But no one forgets mid-April when all major travel platforms stopped accepting bookings in the UK without any exception. 

No one doubts the dominance of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Booking.com and Expedia and property listing sites like Airbnb over the vacation rental industry. Apart from losing the 15%-30% of the nightly rates paid as commission, giants of the industry are setting extra limitations. Now is the perfect time for all vacation rental and serviced apartment owners to consider decreasing their dependency on online travel agencies and property listing sites and think of an alternative. 

Zeevou, the pioneer of The Direct Booking Revolution!, is here to decrease your dependency on OTAs. As more and more short term rental owners asked for an opportunity to join The Direct Booking Revolution! Zeevou decided to give away the bulk of its direct booking technology without charging a dime. We listened and launched Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan, which is totally free. To join Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan, please click here.  

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