How to Find the Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

How to Find the Best Smart Locks for Airbnb-Zeevou

Smart locks are more affordable for your Airbnb business. The sleek and shiny design of a smart lock on your door makes a great first impression; providing aesthetic and elegant service for your guests.  We have checked smart locks in the market and set the perfect criteria for you to use while looking for the best smart lock for your Airbnb.  

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Why Do I Need Smart Lock for My Airbnb?


A smart lock can hugely improve the security of your Airbnb. It can alert you if the door has been left ajar. You can lock and unlock the door remotely, and create a custom keycode for the duration of guests’ stay. It lets you know who has entered the property; whether it is your guest, the housekeeper, or someone who is not supposed to have any access.

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Smart locks bring more convenience to you and your guests. You do not need to deal with the key exchange procedures. You do not have the hassle of lost keys. All these advantages save a lot of time for you and your staff. It is also more convenient for guests not to be obliged to track a key during their vacation. Finally, it is easier for your guests to enter the property themselves if they arrive late or early. Especially in the current post-pandemic era as we have to reduce face to face encounters. 

Most smart locks are compatible with voice or smart home assistants like Google Home, Siri and Alexa. By getting this capability, users can command the smart lock audibly. Although this might be more desired between residential dwellers, you might offer your vacation rental guests this capability. 

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Smart locks have the potential of saving your precious time by providing automation. You grant access to your guests for the length of their stay and open or lock their door remotely if there is a problem. 

If the smart lock is integrated with Airbnb, it can automatically create code and send it to your guests through  Airbnb messaging system if the booking is confirmed.  

Using smart locks for your Airbnb means that you do not have to replace the keys if your guest loses them and the check-in and check-out process becomes smooth, contactless and automated. 

What are the Essential Features of Smart Locks For Airbnb?

If you have already started looking for available smart locks for your property, you need to know about the features you need the most.

1. Remote Access

If you get a smart lock, you do not have to hire someone to hand in the key to meet and greet the guests. Smart lock for vacation rentals enables you to set the access data for your guests remotely. This feature allows you to lock or unlock the door if the guest has forgotten, which increases your vacation rental security. 

2. Generating Unique Passcodes

A smart lock must be able to assign unique passcodes for your guests. Passcode works as the guest’s temporary key during the time they stay at your property.

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3. Airbnb Integration

If the smart lock you purchase has direct integration with Airbnb, you can rely on it to inform your guest about the passcode and instruction for entering the property. Smart locks with Airbnb integration can send an email containing mentioned information to your guests. 

Airbnb recommends using smart locks at your vacation rental entrance. 

4. Notifying Entries

The smart lock you select for your vacation rental must notify you when someone is entering or exiting your property. With unique passcodes, you will be informed if the person is your guest, the housekeeper or an unwanted danger.

5. Being Compatible with Voice Assistants

If the smart lock you select is compatible with HomeKit, Z-Wave, Alexa, and Google Assistant, you can let your guests unlock the door with voice commands or a tap.

6. Warranty

You can have peace of mind if the product you select has a lifetime warranty. Then you can invest in your choice easier initially. 

7. Long Battery Life

Battery life is relevant as it determines the number of times you need to check the smart lock and make sure it functions or not. 

8. Working Without the WIFI Network

You should reduce the factors that smart lock functionality depends on, and a WIFI network is among them.

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9. Responsive Customer Service

If you cannot follow the instructions as quickly as shown in your smart lock commercial videos, you should rely on the company’s customer service. 

10. User Experience

You need to put yourself in your guest’s shoes while selecting the best smart lock for your Airbnb. Using the smart lock should be straightforward for your guests. Some of the smart locks for Airbnb require using a smartphone. But what if your guest cannot find a signal when she arrives from abroad. It is not convenient either to ask guests to instal an app to use once in your vacation rental.

11. Installation

Some smart locks can be installed on your current deadbolt. But some of the smart locks require you to change the entire door or handle. Be aware of it and ask for it before purchasing your selected smart lock. 

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What Are the Most Known Brands for Smart Locks?

Shortly, Zeevou is going to publish some comparison articles to explain different smart locks with each other. Smart lock brands are numerous.  Some of the most well known smart locks are listed below which we will discuss them in near future: 

Let us know if you have experienced any of the mentioned smart locks. We will be glad to use your reviews in our coming comparisons.  

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