How to Leverage Zeevou Automated Messaging for Property Management

How-to-Leverage-Zeevou-Automated-Messaging-for-Property-Management- Zeevou

Automated messaging for property management is a highly effective resource that offers numerous advantages for maximising efficiency and boosting revenue. Using automated messages, property managers can ensure timely notifications about bookings and adjust pricing strategies accordingly. This technology allows for meticulous management of single units and large portfolios, enabling managers to stay proactive in a competitive market.

With Zeevou’s Automated Messaging system, you can effectively monitor your bookings by configuring specific variables and conditions. This capability is particularly crucial for those managing large portfolios. It offers a reliable and automated way to keep track of listings without the need for constant manual oversight.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Max, a property manager, has effectively used this technology to optimise pricing.

Automated Messaging for Property Management- Zeevou
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What Are the Additional Applications of Automated Messages?

Whether you set your listings’ prices or someone else does, it’s important to get timely alerts for certain situations or specific bookings. 

Zeevou has streamlined this aspect significantly. While you can explore the full range of functionalities directly on Zeevou, here are some common use cases for our Automated Messaging feature.

Make the Most out of Potential Events

Local or national events can provide excellent opportunities to set optimal rates for your rooms. However, pre-existing bookings made long before these events may prevent you from capitalising on these higher-demand periods. This is where effective monitoring of booking windows becomes essential.

Automated messaging for property management can be a strategic tool to maximise revenue around significant events. It also helps property managers identify events, which are usually booked well in advance. With such automated messages, these dates can be pinpointed. This is specifically effective for multi-unit properties and businesses with large portfolios.

For example, at Zeevou, you can set a message to be triggered based on the Lead Time of a booking. This allows you or your staff to be notified about bookings that fall within a specific booking window. Receiving reservations within a specific period can be a sign of an unknown event. So, if your property has multiple units, you can review and potentially adjust the rates in light of nearby special events.

In the following example, Max uses Zeevou’s Automated Messaging system for managing reservations with an extended booking window.  

Using the Lead Time set-up, Max has set a message to alert him of bookings made more than 200 days in advance. This extended lead time empowers him to strategically manage rates and evaluate the booking price.

potential event lead time - Zeevou

He also chose to have these notifications emailed to him, labelling them as “Potential event // Lead time” to immediately recognise the email content. He also specified what variables should be shown in the message, for example, booking number, property, arrival and departure dates, etc. 

choose the needed variables to be shown and check the related box for  notifications to be emailed to you - Zeevou

You can adjust the Lead Time settings, according to the seasonality or location of your property, to make strategic pricing. You can also have the message sent to multiple recipients by adding their email addresses. So, you ensure that all relevant parties are informed.

Manage Long-Term Bookings Efficiently

Receiving notifications about extended bookings is beneficial for property managers as it allows for proactive planning, resource allocation, and long-stay promotions and rates optimisation. This is another use of automated messaging for property management to handle extended stays.

You may want to be alerted when guests book longer stays like those exceeding a week or a month. These notifications prevent missing out on more profitable bookings, especially during high-demand seasons when you can charge higher rates.

On the other hand, knowing when guests typically book longer stays allows you to strategically adjust your minimum stay requirements. For instance, if you see a trend of guests booking month-long stays during the winter, you can temporarily adjust your minimum stay to a month in that period. This optimises your occupancy and increases potential revenue compared to accepting shorter bookings throughout the winter.

Additionally, getting informed of longer stays in advance can assist in optimising maintenance schedules. This way, you ensure the property is prepared for the duration of the guest’s stay, and make necessary staffing arrangements.

You can customise the automated messaging settings on Zeevou to keep track of your long-term bookings. You can set messages to trigger based on specific conditions or timelines related to a booking.

In the following example, Max has configured notifications for bookings that last more than 21 nights and have the “Booked” status. 

Manage Long-Term Bookings Efficiently - Zeevou
save the changes in Condition section - Zeevou
Booking Status - Zeevou

Maximise Revenue for Single Units

Suppose you manage a unit that frequently books up due to high demand. In this scenario, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re renting it out at the optimal price to maximise your revenue.

To effectively manage this, Max has implemented a targeted strategy for his single-unit properties. He has configured an automated message within Zeevou specifically for certain Unit Types he manages. This setup notifies him whenever these selected units are booked, allowing him to review and adjust pricing to align with market conditions. This proactive approach helps maintain competitive rates and optimise profitability for each booking.

Maximise Revenue for Single Units - Zeevou
set your desired condition for your Single Units - Zeevou

Automated messaging for property management extends far beyond improving communication with guests. It provides several benefits that streamline vacation rental operations and enhance efficiency. 

Overall, the integration of Zeevou’s automated messaging systems not only streamlines operational processes but also positions properties to achieve higher occupancies. The ability to customise messages further empowers hosts, making automated messaging an indispensable asset in modern property management.

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