Top 10 Vacation Rental Management Systems 2020

Top 10 Vacation Rental Management Systems 2020

Zeevou has been featured in the list of the Top 10 Vacation Rental Management Systems of 2020 by HotelMinder. HotelMinder is a hospitality consulting agency that helps owners and managers of hotels and vacation rentals in operations, strategy, digital marketing and technology. HotelMinder’s Technology Advice Sessions are set to suggest applications to solve prevalent issues of the hospitality industry managers. Zeevou is delighted to be featured in HotelMinder’s list as one of the best vacation rental management systems of 2020. 

How were the Best Vacation Rental Softwares  selected? 

Among the list of Top 10 Vacation Rental Management Systems, HotelMinder articulated a checklist of requirements while looking for vacation rental management applications. A vacation rental management system should help you to: 

  • Save tremendous amount of time

Zeevou is the best way to automate your hospitality management. Simply load your properties up on our system, set your rates, and you’re good to go! Our unique 5-step confirmation process ensures that booking is streamlined from A to Z.

  • Sync all your properties and accounts into one single centralised system

Zeevou offers an advanced hierarchical organisation of units based on geographical location for multi-site hospitality businesses.

  • Create a high-converting website instantly

Zeevou automatically generates a direct booking website for each organisation. The website is dynamically updated to display the latest content entered on Zeevou. The website is SEO friendly and is perfect for multi-location serviced apartment providers or vacation rental management companies, as it enables a user to search and book instantly across your whole property portfolio. The websites generated have a sleek modern design based around your logo and brand colour specifications. It also allows you to create a blog section, as well as custom pages, with SEO and Open Graph fields.  

  • Get more direct bookings

Zeevou provides you with a Free SEO-Friendly Website. Its signature 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process builds you a valuable GDPR-compliant marketing list. The database can later be used for various marketing campaigns to retarget your guests, offer vouchers and promotions and turn them into returning customers. The last but not least is the commission-free OTA (Zeevou Direct) that Zeevou has launched to bring about The Direct Booking Revolution! 

Among the Items Judges at HotelMinder looked for were: 

  1. Ease of Use

The software is developed user-friendly.  It is also based on the requirements of a vacation rental manager, dealing with multiple properties in different locations. All these are met by Zeevo. Furthermore, Zeevou has a dedicated support team which is available every single day to coach you and walk you through everything to take control of the software yourselves. 

  1. Integration with other applications

Zeevou has successfully integrated with several essential tools. For payment, Sagepay, Worldpay, and Stripe. To keep the properties safe from people who might want to trash the properties and cause physical damage, Signable. If you do not want to be bothered with manual price setting, you can integrate with Pricelabs or Beyond. To manage contactless key handling, Zeevou has integrated with Keynest. You might think that people do not check their emails, so you can make use of the ClickSend integration to automate SMS communications. Zeevou’s close integration with Xero helps you automate your bookkeeping and reduce your accounting costs. What’s more, there are a number of exciting integrations with many more tools and apps in the pipeline to help automate various aspects of your property management processes. So keep an eye out as we announce our new partnerships over the coming months!

  1. Is it mobile-friendly, does it offer a mobile app?

Zeevou is a mobile-friendly software. It has also released its mobile application for housekeepers and the staff application will be launched very soon. 

  1. Can the App ensure secure payments?

Zeevou developed the necessary automation around security deposits in Zeevou Book – Zeevou’s renowned 5-step Booking Confirmation Process. This is the only system that offers hosts the necessary automation to manage security deposits effectively. Moreover, if there is a need to capture part of the deposit, Zeevou allows hosts to do this without having to leave the system. Charging a deposit creates a log of the reason and the amount, and also allows the host to automate the sending of an email and/or a text message to the guest, detailing the charge.

  1. Are the website templates engaging and high-converting?

As mentioned the website that Zeevou automatically generates is SEO friendly and is perfect for multi-location serviced apartment providers. It enables you to include blog posts, providing the ability to generate custom pages. It also allows you to make vouchers for discounts to increase your occupancy. Zeevou’s Booking Engine allows guests to book directly through your website with live rates and availability. It aims to maximise the conversion rate of your guests. How? By allowing bookings to be made with as few clicks as possible. Once a booking is placed, the guest is asked to confirm and provide additional information.

If you would like to first have a look at what we offer, please click here to book a Free Demo.

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