Zeevou Academy, the Ultimate Learning Space for Short-term Rentals

Zeevou Academy- Property management learning platform

In today’s world, the exclusivity of knowledge and experience is quite widespread. It’s a common belief that we are better off if we keep what we know to ourselves rather than share it with others. The same story is true for property managers and operators in obtaining the best practices in the field, whether they have started a small business recently or have been running their company for a long time. 

During the global pandemic, the realisation of the necessity of collaboration and mutual support has significantly increased. It’s hard to imagine an industry not being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the impact on the hospitality industry has been beyond expectations. Even though several businesses have made it through this challenging phase, the whole property management and the short-term rental market still need time and efforts to become thoroughly relieved. 

As an innovator in this market, we noticed the necessity of an openly shared space to explore professional knowledge in the industry, not only for consumers of knowledge but also for those who have a word to share. Therefore, we decided to create a learning space, Zeevou Academy.  Zeevou Academy provides all members with accurate and up-to-date educational materials, mostly in the form of webinars, podcasts, and articles, all about short-term rentals. The content will be continuously developed and updated based on real-time market trends.

Our goal in Zeevou Academy as a property management learning platform is to go over and beyond all vacation rentals operation features and introduce a rich and impeccable source to property managers in the short-let market to boost their business and brand. Offering various educational content, we intend to cover numerous topics, including revenue management, efficient marketing, the best use of tech for optimisation, and more importantly, direct booking.

As you know, we live in a technological era where many businesses are being handled automatically without extra hands in the work or any intermediary. This situation is likely to exist for property owners who want to run their business independently and gain more direct bookings. At Zeevou Academy, we aim to change the game by empowering our Partner Hosts and all members to boost their direct bookings and prepare a space to elevate medium and small vacation rental businesses. 

To stay on top of our trade, we must know all the short-term rental market tips and tricks. Achieving that does not seem easy because our time is limited, and our experience is confined only to our area or country.

To go on the broader level, we need the help of our partners and other professionals in the field to take coordinated actions and support us in establishing a mutual learning space based on the general knowledge of the industry as well as region-specific experiences from all around the world. We believe everyone has a story to share, and cooperation rather than contest helps us elevate to another level.

Long story short, by proffering more information about leading a short-term rental business in general and gathering our counterparts’ unique experiences worldwide, we will have a growing resource that can be rendered as educational courses in the near future. Therefore, our perspective is to turn this platform into an online curriculum that implements organised modules useful for all vacation rental operators and property managers of any scale.

Zeevou Academy Membership Plans

If you are already a Zeevou Patron, Zeevou Academy will be part of the sign-up package, and you can enjoy this property management learning platform for free. If you haven’t signed up for Zeevou yet, you can join Zeevou Academy through one of the following plans: 

Free Plan: a number of materials are available for free if you want to get a feeling of what the Academy is about. You can easily register as a member and start your journey.

Paid Plan: This plan includes ‘annual’ and ‘lifetime’ memberships. Thus, members will have unlimited access to all materials by paying £295 for the annual program or purchasing lifetime membership with only £495.

If you are not a Zeevou Patron, we have a surprise for you! 

Calling all property managers to get a 100% discount for the first year. Zeevou Academy offers a promotion as a gift: you have one-year free access if you sign up by 9th May 2021.

After all, making a change is not easy but possible. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart, we will become united for one cause and direct our aspiring forces in the path of success.

Check out some details about the Academy and wait for more to come!

What is Zeevou Academy All About?
Set to Launch on 9 February 2021

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