Zeevou set to launch on March 20th 2020 Zeevou will also be rolling out a commission-free OTA (Zeevou Direct)

Zeevou set to launch on March 20th 2020

Worldwide: Zeevou will announce the official launch of its specialist Property Management System and innovative Channel Manager in March 2020. Our aim is to shake up the hospitality industry – to your advantage. We will also debut a commission-free Online Travel Aggregator (OTA), Zeevou Direct.

By keeping track of ever-increasing demands and trends in the vacation rental and hotel businesses, Zeevou aims to bring about a Direct Booking Revolution that will put 40%-50% of net profits back into owners’ pockets, rather than those of OTAs. Zeevou’s Chief Revolutionary, Na’ím Anís Paymán, developed this tailor-made, stream-lined PMS and channel manager in response to the inadequacies of the existing systems he experienced firsthand as an SA operator. Ever since Zeevou has been evolving by virtue of the invaluable input its beta-phase partner-clients have been providing.

Announcing the Zeevou official launch, Paymán said: “Zeevou now allows hosts to automate almost every aspect of their business. From price setting and distribution to retrieving bookings made on other listing sites, it helps them obtain more direct bookings, as well as processing payments, security deposits and ID checks. With Zeevou, you can automate arrival time collection and check-ins, build up a GDPR-compliant marketing list with guest data, and provide real-time access to staff, housekeepers and owners. It’s also easy to report on sales, automate profit calculations and lower accounting costs through integration with accounting software.”

In a testimony to the ground-breaking work our team has already achieved through the help of our partner hosts, Zeevou has won the Most Innovative New Hospitality Technology award at the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020 and is shortlisted for the Best Channel Manager award at Shortyz 2020. We will keep doing our best to offer an excellent product and service, and look forward to helping many more hospitality businesses of all sizes succeed in achieving their aims. 

In addition, Zeevou will be launching a completely free OTA where guests and hosts will be able to communicate and arrange bookings without paying commissions. By directing guests to book on Zeevou Direct, all hosts can help each other obtain more direct bookings. Moreover, Zeevou Direct will allow hosts to bypass some rate parity clauses implemented by other OTAs, which prevent them from undercutting the OTA on their own website. Zeevou will act as an intermediary while representing the hosts’ interests and enabling them to offer guests a better price. 

Zeevou is calling everyone in the hospitality industry to jump on board and help promote Zeevou Direct. While Zeevou is providing the tool, it’s down to all of us to bring about The Direct Booking Revolution!

Here’s a list of some of the other perks you will get by joining Zeevou:

  • A free website to allow guests to #bookdirect
  • Bulk discounts on the annual plan
  • Discounts for rooms (hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs) as compared to self-catering units (apartments, vacation rentals, holiday homes)
  • A 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No notice period necessary if you wish to leave at the end of the billing cycle

For more information about Zeevou’s features, pricing and to book a Free Demo, visit zeevou.com.

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