Zeevou’s Commission-free Booking Platform, Zeevou Direct, Featured in The New York Times

Zeevou’s Commission-free Booking Platform, Zeevou Direct, Featured in The New York Times

We are so delighted to announce that Zeevou’s commission-free property listing website, Zeevou Direct, has been featured in The New York Times as a remarkable platform for direct bookings. 

In her latest article in The New York Times “New Twists on Home-Sharing: 4 Airbnb Alternatives,” Elaine Glusac presents Zeevou Direct as one of the rising alternatives to Airbnb, referring to it as “a platform for direct booking.” In his interview with Elaine, Na’ím Anís Paymán, Zeevou’s Chief Revolutionary, said, “I’m trying to democratise the hosting marketplace. Building a network of hosts globally without a massive marketing budget means you can get better rates because there’s no intermediary.” 

What allowed Na’ím to conceive the idea behind the direct booking platform was his first-hand experience managing serviced apartments across the UK and Europe, and the day-to-day necessities he had to wrestle with to thrive in the business. As a result, he started developing Zeevou, a powerful PMS and channel manager, which has been welcomed and applauded by a large group of serviced apartments and aparthotel operators, as well as other members of the vacation rental industry. Prior to even launching fully, Zeevou had already won 2 awards: The Best Channel Manager in The Shortyz 2020 and The Innovation & Excellence Award 2020. 

With the idea and the tech-ready and maturing, Zeevou developed a booking platform where both the host and the guest are respected and get better deals without paying extra money to intermediaries in the form of commissions or fees. Since its very conception, Zeevou has been trying to bring about The Direct Booking Revolution! And the movement continues gaining momentum by the day.

The amazing part is that hosts can both get their properties listed on Zeevou Direct instantly and use Zeevou’s PMS, channel manager and booking engine in one unified hub. And that’s exactly why The New York Times has featured Zeevou Direct as one of the most successful twists on the home-sharing and vacation rental industry.

What is Zeevou Direct? 

Zeevou Direct is a free booking platform with one primary goal defining its mission: The Direct Booking Revolution! 

Zeevou Direct offers a platform for direct bookings in which hosts and guests have direct communication with each other without having to pay a single penny to any third parties in between. Not only does Zeevou Direct reduce costs for both parties by decreasing commissions to zero, but it also gives more power and freedom to guests to choose from properties all over the globe. The number of listings and destinations is rising at a very rapid rate as enthusiasm for joining Zeevou and awareness about the undeniable benefits of direct bookings increases. So, over the next few months, we expect to have listings across the entire globe, all on Zeevou Direct.   

This is a movement that is taking the market by storm, distributing the power between every individual included in the hospitality business rather than feeding more commissions to the giants of the industry like Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia to get bigger while small businesses are constantly squeezing.  In simple terms, Zeevou seeks democracy in the hospitality industry and is taking actions to contribute to its implementation. By using Zeevou Direct, you can support small businesses and the local economy of the area you plan to stay in.

Being featured in The New York Times vividly shows this dream is coming true, and any claims that Zeevou is not making an impact are no longer credible. This being said, we cannot realise the dream merely by ourselves as this is a collective endeavour and responsibility. While Zeevou provides the platform and the necessary means, it’s down to all of us to spread the word, raise awareness about the advantages of #bookdirect, encourage hosts to list their properties on Zeevou Direct and ask guests to book directly via the website. Sign up here for free, and help us realise The Direct Booking Revolution! Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan is completely free and gives you access to not only Zeevou Direct, but also a wide variety of features unique to our PMS, channel manager and booking engine. 

If you are a host and would like to first take a look at all the features that we offer, book a Free Demo here

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