How Zeevou’s New Features Help with Property Management SEO

How Zeevou's New Features Help with Property Management SEO

The ultimate goal of any vacation rental manager is to get more direct bookings, as the amount of money you have to pay to OTAs is not a thing to easily ignore. But, the first and foremost tool for getting direct bookings is a direct booking website. That’s why Zeevou offers a free direct booking website to everyone – be they free or paid users – who decide to partner up with Zeevou and support The Direct Booking Revolution!  Property management SEO, which mainly includes the SEO aspects of your direct booking website, can help you reach new customers organically. If you can boost your direct booking website’s SEO score, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to market your properties much better, thus increasing the number of direct bookings you receive. 

To help you achieve this goal, our team at Zeevou has paid a lot of attention to features that can further assist you in marketing your rentals via a direct booking website with a high SEO ranking. Below, you can find a brief introduction of our updates on the SEO side of your property management business’ website. 

Zeevou Generates a Full Sitemap for Your Direct Booking Website

We now automatically generate a sitemap for every website created by Zeevou. How does that help? Well, since a sitemap is a blueprint of your website that helps search engines find, crawl and index all of your website’s contents, having one helps your website be better indexed by search engines. In addition, you can submit your sitemap on Google Search Console to measure your performance, fix issues and optimise your content and ranking. 

Zeevou Makes Your Website SEO Friendly 

Zeevou enables you to set meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, as well as OpenGraph Tags for social media sharing (both Facebook and Twitter tags). 

Moreover, Zeevou’s built-in blogging helps you keep the data up to date and eliminates the need to separately install WordPress or Wix. You can target keywords with blog posts and bring more traffic to your website. 

Free Live Chat Widget

Zeevou allows you to add a live chat widget by entering your Whatsapp number in Zeevou. This feature enables you to connect with your guests and respond to their enquiries before or after a booking. 

You can gather all the information from your live chats and post them on FAQ pages and achieve extra keyword opportunities. 

Don’t Worry About the 404 Error

When your users face a 404 error, you can improve their experience by telling them why they got there and how to get to the right place. When Zeevou’s users face a 404 error, they would be informed that this page doesn’t exist, and some alternative links are suggested. 

404-Error/ Zeevou

Zeevou Now Integrates with Google Analytics

To utilise the tools provided by Google Analytics fully, you can now integrate your Zeevou website with Google Analytics. By doing so, you can analyse your site’s statistics in great detail. This means that by tracking your analytics closely, you’ll be able to better optimise your content for website visitors and increase direct bookings.

Moreover, you can keep track of the ROI on any ad campaigns, thanks to our integration with the E-commerce section of Google Analytics.

Replace Your Old Website with Zeevou’s without Damaging Your SEO

Zeevou allows you to create redirects for URLs that do not exist in the system. This can help a lot for property management SEO purposes, as when you want to change your domain name, you want to minimise the damage to your search rankings.

So, when you move from another website to Zeevou, this feature enables you to preserve your SEO ranking while enjoying access to Zeevou’s perfect booking engine and the rest of the features included in our free direct booking websites!

Seamlessly Redirect Guests to Your Booking Engine by Adding Our iFrame on a Third-Party Website 

With the iFrame that Zeevou generates for you to use on a third-party website, you can seamlessly redirect guests to your Zeevou booking engine. When website visitors tap the search button, they get redirected to the booking engine’s search results page. 

This update helps you have a search widget on your homepage that directly connects to your booking engine. This will minimise the number of clicks that potential guests have to make and can drive more direct bookings.

Thanks to Zeevou’s Channel Manager, you can rest assured that your availability will be closed down on OTAs once you receive a direct booking.

Market the Properties, Cities and Countries You Want Better by Featuring Them on Your Website

You can now specify featured properties, which will come at the top of the list (this replaces the previous top-rated properties). 

With this feature, you can direct your potential guests’ attention to the properties you want, enabling you to market them better. You can also change your featured properties depending on the seasonality and other factors. 

Track Your Website’s Performance to See Which Pages People Are Dropping Off On

While Google Analytics can measure the traffic on your website, GTM allows you to manage and centralise your marketing tags and deploy them on your website. You can analyse your website’s performance by analysing pages and actions. Google Tag Manager lets you track your PPC campaigns.

If you aren’t tracking conversions correctly, you won’t have the right data flowing into ad accounts to make informed decisions about keywords, ad copies, and audiences.

As you know, our goals and desired outcomes for the short-term let industry are all reflected in Zeevou’s Roadmap. At Zeevou, we always listen to our Partner Hosts and strive to keep up with the rapid short-term rental industry changes. We look forward to hearing the voices of our Partner Hosts, and we are continuously trying to resolve their pain points.

Request a Free Demo now to learn more about how Zeevou is disrupting the industry for your own good. 

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