Latest Update on the Airbnb Email Alias Feature!

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Airbnb remains dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its vibrant community of guests and hosts. As part of this commitment, they have unveiled the latest update about disabling the Airbnb Email Alias feature.

What Is the Airbnb Email Alias Feature?

For years, Airbnb has maintained a strict policy of not disclosing guest or host email addresses to other parties. Instead, they employed the Airbnb Email Alias feature, which generated unique and anonymous email addresses for guests. For instance, if Sophie were to book a stay, her alias might look something like [email protected]. This system allowed for seamless communication between guests and hosts, all while safeguarding their personal information.

So, How Can You Manage Guest Communications on Airbnb?

As the Airbnb Email alias feature is retiring from 30 September 2023, many hosts may wonder how they’ll maintain open lines of communication after the update. But fear not! There are alternative ways to share important information with guests. Here are the options:

  1. Airbnb Messaging: Hosts can continue to use Airbnb’s secure messaging system to interact with their guests. This platform ensures that all conversations remain confidential and within the confines of the Airbnb ecosystem.
  2. Calling or Texting: Hosts who prefer more direct communication can still reach out to their guests via phone calls or text messages.
  3. Detailed Info on Listings: Hosts can include more detailed information directly on their listings. Whether it’s house rules, local tips, or any other essential details, guests can access these data whenever they need them.
  4. Sharing Document Links: Hosts can conveniently send links to important documents through Airbnb messaging. This way, they can ensure guests have access to all the essential information in one secure place.

What Is Zeevou’s Solution for Improving Airbnb Guest Communication?

While the Airbnb Email Alias feature and other Airbnb protocols are designed to protect the privacy of users, hosts often find it challenging to personalise their communication with guests. Personalisation is essential for creating a welcoming and hospitable experience. And the lack of real emails made it harder to establish solid communication.

But Zeevou users need not worry. They can effortlessly collect their guests’ details using the following ways:

Sending SMS

Personal touches never go out of style! Use the phone number provided by the guest on Airbnb to initiate the first communication through SMS. Additionally, consider triggering an SMS to guests with a link to Zeevou’s Booking Confirmation Process. This streamlined process allows you to gather your guests’ real email addresses and information for future communications.

Automated API Message

You can use the Messaging API to send personalised content to your guests once they have messaged you. Messages from channels supporting API Messaging will be conveniently accessible in Zeevou’s Unified Inbox. You can promptly reply to these messages within Zeevou, and include a link to Zeevou’s Booking Confirmation Process for gathering guests’ personal information. Your responses will be visible to the guests on the respective channel. Please keep in mind that this message will only be delivered once the guest initiates the conversation through the channel.

Furthermore, you can automate your guest communication by enabling OTA Autoresponder in your Zeevou account. Once you’ve configured your customised message, it will be automatically sent to guests when they initiate a conversation with you through Airbnb for the first time.

Join us to enhance your guest communication on Airbnb! Embrace joyful hosting, effortless communication, and a memorable experience!

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