Optimise Revenue Streams with an Airbnb Calculator

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Maximising your income as an Airbnb host requires setting the right prices. However, it can feel like a guessing game with fluctuating demand and ever-changing markets. That’s where the Airbnb calculator comes in handy. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how an Airbnb revenue calculator can help you optimise your rates and turn your Airbnb into a financial success story.

What Is an Airbnb Calculator and How Does It Work?

An Airbnb host calculator is a digital tool designed to estimate your potential earnings as an Airbnb host. 

What Is an Airbnb Calculator and How Does It Work- Zeevou
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The basic short-term rental revenue formula is:

Number of Units x Occupancy Rate x Average Daily Rate x Nights Available = Revenue

However, Airbnb calculators go further and provide an estimation of your income by analysing various factors that influence income, such as:

  • Local market data: Some of the Airbnb host calculators consider room prices and occupancy rates of similar properties in your area.
  • Expenses: These tools include costs for cleaning, tax, and commissions to have a more realistic view of a property’s earning potential.
  • Seasonality: Airbnb revenue calculators usually consider peaks and valleys in demand throughout the year.

Benefits of Using an Airbnb Revenue Calculator

Whether you’re considering starting your vacation rental business or have been in the market for a while, an Airbnb calculator is your secret weapon for a successful business.

To Host or Not to Host?

The decision to become an Airbnb host isn’t always straightforward. You might have a spare room, but is the hassle worth the potential income? Here’s how short-term rental calculators help:

Earning Potential: An Airbnb host calculator gives a clear picture of your estimated annual income. This allows you to weigh the financial benefits against the time commitment and effort required for hosting.

Market Analysis: Airbnb calculators consider local rental rates and occupancy rates. This can reveal if there’s enough demand in your area to justify becoming a host.

Risk Assessment: By estimating your income alongside potential expenses (cleaning, utilities, etc.), you can assess the financial viability of starting an Airbnb.

Choosing the Right Property

Investing in a property specifically for Airbnb requires careful consideration. An Airbnb host calculator can be your guide in selecting the most profitable option:

Location: With an Airbnb revenue calculator, you can analyse how different neighbourhoods within your city impact potential earnings.

Property Comparison: Thinking about two different apartments? Airbnb calculators can estimate the income potential of each, helping you choose the more lucrative option.

Feature Analysis: Does a pool or an extra bedroom significantly increase income? The short-term rental calculator can reveal which features have the biggest financial impact.

Providing a Financial Roadmap

Imagine venturing into the exciting world of Airbnb hosting, but feeling lost in a maze of financial uncertainties. How much can you realistically earn? Will your rental income cover the utilities and expenses? 

One of the most significant benefits of using an Airbnb revenue calculator is its ability to provide a comprehensive financial picture. These calculators go beyond simply estimating your income. They delve deeper, factoring in not only the potential rental income but also the associated expenses. By including these costs, the calculator provides a more holistic view of your bottom line.

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There are many free Airbnb calculators that can help you estimate your potential income. See some options below.

Airbnb’s Revenue Calculator

This tool looks at what similar Airbnb rentals in your area made over the past year. Using this data, they estimate how much you could earn per night on average. Then, they multiply that nightly rate by the number of nights you plan to host. 

This calculator also shows you the typical number of nights booked per month in your area, assuming your place is available every night. Note that the tool doesn’t account for taxes or hosting fees.

AirDNA Calculator

Often considered the industry leader, AirDNA boasts a massive database of over 10 million Airbnb and Vrbo listings. This allows for highly accurate estimations based on comparable rentals in your area. 

It provides in-depth insights into factors like annual revenue, occupancy rates, seasonality, and even competitive analysis of nearby listings.


This user-friendly calculator caters to both new and experienced property owners. It focuses on the US market and offers a seamless experience for estimating rental income and returns on investment (ROI) for potential short-term rental properties.


This calculator goes beyond just Airbnb, also considering traditional rentals. It’s a valuable tool for investors looking at the bigger picture and comparing the potential of short-term rentals versus long-term leases.

Zeevou’s Deal Analyser

Zeevou’s property deal analyser doesn’t include market data in its analysis. However, it estimates potential rental income and operational expenses, adopts customisation, and allows you to input details specific to your property. It also provides downloadable file results, allowing you to keep records and easily share information with others.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Airbnb Host Calculator

Airbnb calculators are powerful tools, but they can’t predict the future perfectly. By supplementing the calculator with your own research, you can avoid potential financial surprises.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Airbnb Host Calculator- Zeevou
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The following tips may help bridge the gap between the calculator’s data and the real-world complexities of running an Airbnb.

  • Provide as much detail as possible about your property. The more specific you are, the more accurate the calculator’s estimations will be.
  • If the Airbnb host calculator allows you to specify your location, do so! Market data for vacation rentals can vary greatly between cities and even neighbourhoods.
  • Don’t rely solely on estimations. Look at existing Airbnb listings in your area to understand typical pricing strategies and amenities offered by competitors.
  • Factor in any local regulations or restrictions that might affect your Airbnb business, such as licensing requirements or limitations on short-term rentals.
  • See how adjustments to your nightly rate impact your projected income and occupancy. This helps you find the sweet spot between attracting guests and maximising profit.
  • Consider the value of your time when calculating profitability. Remember that running a vacation home takes time for communication with guests, cleaning, and property management. 

Using an Airbnb calculator can increase your chances of success, whether it’s finding the most profitable property to invest in or setting the perfect nightly rate. By incorporating your own research, you can transform the calculator from a simple number-crunching tool into a strategic planning device.

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