Why Do Vacation Rental Managers Need to Use Property Take-on Forms?

The type of information they need to collect when taking on a new property to manage is what is included in a proper and comprehensive vacation rental property take-on form to download- Zeevou

In the dynamic world of vacation rental management, staying organised is the key to success. Property managers are entrusted by property owners to handle tasks related to guests, as well as the operation, management, and finances of the property. Managing vacation rentals or operating serviced apartments is demanding and often considered a full-time commitment. Fortunately, technology has revolutionised the industry, with Property Management Systems (PMSes) automating many operations. And guess what? Having a vacation rental property take-on form is a must-have tool in this game for smooth sailing.

Selling rentals to guests, setting rates, collecting rents, keeping properties clean and maintained, vetting guests, listing properties, and writing catchy descriptions for renting out rooms across different booking platforms and OTAs – these are just some of the tasks property managers handle. As they grow their business, they often need to take on new properties. That’s where a handy tool like a vacation rental property take-on form comes in. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of these forms, their key components, and how they empower managers to handle new property acquisitions. Plus, stick around till the end to find a free downloadable template to kickstart your property management journey!

Why Do Property Managers Need a Vacation Rental Property Take-on Form? 

As a property manager, you are expected to increase your rentals’ exposure and fill the occupancy calendar as much as possible. The greater exposure your listings get, the higher revenue they will bring you.

Listing your properties on different booking platforms and OTAs is a way of increasing exposure. Apart from the giants of the vacation rental industry like Expedia, Airbnb, and Booking.com, there is a long list of booking platforms out there in the market. In order to get your properties listed on OTAs, you need to sign up for each of them, getting in touch with their account managers. And in order to prevent checking every single page of these OTAs to update rates and availability, using a channel manager becomes handy. It also helps in preventing overbooking.

Completing A Vacation Rental Property Take-on Form - Zeevou
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The other option to sell your vacation rental units to decent guests and earn more money is to boost your direct bookings. With the help of a direct booking website which is SEO-friendly and by spending a little bit of time on tweaking the content, you can gradually increase the number of your direct bookings. Zeevou Direct is also a commission-free booking platform if you are looking for even more direct bookings. 

To achieve these goals, it’s crucial to have access to accurate information about the property when you take over a new one. Whether you’re listing your rental on an OTA or inputting data on your direct booking website, having organised information is key. That’s where a sample vacation rental property take-on form can be incredibly helpful.

As a property manager, you also need to get all the details about the condition of the property when you take over the management. You need to know the numerical data to be able to calculate the net profit of your rental. It is also necessary to be explicit and transparent when providing reports for the owner of the property. To get detailed and explicit reports, you need accurate input which might be possible through using an accurate vacation rental property take-on form.  

What Is a Vacation Rental Property Take-on Form?

Completing A Vacation Rental Property Take-on Form - Zeevou
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A property take-on form should be completed with absolutely everything about the property and the owner’s preferences. It will be supplemented by descriptions, facilitating the process of listing rentals on OTAs and property listing sites. A vacation rental property take-on form should get enough information from the owners about:

  1. Property Details: Basic info like the property’s address, type (like house or apartment), and how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has.
  2. Unit Basics: information about the unit such as the number of beds, home appliances, living room condition, location of different parts, etc.
  3. Amenities: A handy list of all the cool stuff your property offers, from parking spots to Wi-Fi access and everything in between.
  4. Furnishings: Details about what’s inside, like furniture, appliances, and kitchen gear, so guests know what to expect.
  5. Maintenance Requirements: Instructions for keeping things spick and span, including cleaning schedules and any upkeep needed.
  6. Contact Information: Important numbers and details for folks like cleaners, repair experts, and emergency contacts.
  7. House Rules: Clear guidelines on what guests can and can’t do, covering everything from noise levels to check-in procedures.
  8. Guest Communication: Helpful templates and tips for chatting with guests, welcoming them, and sorting out any questions or problems.
  9. Legal and Safety Info: Important stuff like liability details, emergency procedures, and making sure you’re following all the rules.
  10. Additional Notes: Room for any extra info or special instructions from the property owner or manager.

Zeevou’s Vacation Rental Property Take-on Sample Form

Looking to streamline your vacation rental management process? Zeevou has got you covered! We’ve put together a comprehensive sample form with all the key information you need from property owners when taking on a new property. Click here to download your free sample and edit it to your specific needs. Here’s to making your vacation rental journey smoother and more successful with Zeevou!


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