Zeevou Among 2020 Best Direct Booking Platforms

Zeevou Among 2020 Best Direct Booking Platforms

Natacha Parmantier is a vacation rental owner who holds a Marketing Strategy Consulting program to get more direct bookings. Natacha has listed Zeevou as one of the best software platforms in 2020 for vacation rental/villa website design and direct bookings in her latest post. She promotes the importance of direct bookings through her website and many courses. In her main course, Social Media Accelerato, she promises to “eliminate the guesswork involved in launching (and growing) your successful vacation rentals on social media.”

Why Should I Have a Vacation Rental Website? 

“For any vacation rental owner or manager, who wants to scale, having a website is a must in my opinion,” Natacha said.

A good #bookdirect website stimulates the growth of your short term rental business as you put your time, money and energy right into your business and gain control rather than stuffing OTAs’ and property listing sites’ pockets. This also positions as an individual, independent vacation rental business with your unique identity and gives you the chance to bring about brand awareness. By showing your website, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand, listings, its associated services and USPs (Unique Selling Points). 

Natacha introduced two major ways to build a direct booking website: you should either create a website yourself or use one of the software platforms which have been made specifically for the vacation rental industry. The latter comes as an extra feature in many property management systems and seems more affordable and efficient. This way you can hit two birds with one stone: access all property management tools and own a direct booking website. 

Free SEO-Friendly Website Provided by Zeevou

By signing up to Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan, everyone gets a free direct booking website which includes a trustworthy booking engine and a lot more! 

Firstly, you can list your properties with descriptions, images and reviews. The more detailed information you insert, the more direct bookings you will receive. The special feature about property listing on the direct booking website by Zeevou is that it is perfect for multi-location vacation rental management companies. You are able to add as many custom pages as you need to your website and create blog posts to drive more traffic. You may also create a voucher to offer discounts on repeat reservations under loyalty programs, for example.   

Secondly, the website you get for free from Zeevou enables you to optimise your content SEO-wise. You can set meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and the last but not least, OpenGraph Tags. OpenGraph Tags are essential nowadays to help present your content on social media in the best light possible. Furthermore, by setting your logo and brand colour specifications, your website will follow your brand identity. Remember that all changes made in the backend appear on the website instantly!  

And finally, your direct booking website is connected with a booking engine. The booking engine automatically retrieves live rates and availability and allows guests to make a booking in as few clicks as possible. Check out Zeevou Show to learn more about the direct booking website. 

Sign up to Zeevou’s Evangelist Plan or Patron Plan, and you’ll get access to a free SEO-friendly direct booking website automatically generated by Zeevou. 

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