Zeevou Announces ClickSend Integration

Zeevou Announces ClickSend Integration

Communication tools are a must in a property manager’s toolbox. You need to communicate with guests, property owners, and employees on a regular basis. For instance, you should send notifications to your guests and reminders to your housekeepers and employees. You already have a lot of threads to track from the booking confirmation process to work order updates and so on. Zeevou is privileged to announce its integration with ClickSend to help you prevent the loss of important communications and messages. From now on, you’ll have all your communications automated right in your Zeevou account. 

How ClickSend Integration Automates Communication at Zeevou?

By integrating your Zeevou Account to ClickSend, you will be able to: 

  • Send SMS from Zeevou
  • Receive SMS with Zeevou
  • Send MMS from Zeevou
  • Send text-to-speech voice calls with Zeevou
  • Send letters from Zeevou
  • Send custom postcards from Zeevou
  • Send fax from Zeevou

Zeevou Integration Pricing

This integration is free. You only pay ClickSend for the messages you exchange.
Are you a current user of Zeevou? ClickSend is offering a special deal if you open an account with it and top it up. If you register at clicksend.com/signup and top up £20, ClickSend will DOUBLE it! After opening the account and topping it up, email Dan Hughes, ClickSend Sales Manager of Europe, quoting ZEEVOU20.

How can I set up the ClickSend integration in Zeevou?

  1. First, click on Zeevou Set.
  2. Next, click on the SMS Panel Config.
  3. Then, click on Create.
  4. Enter your ClickSend login details, then click on Save and Close.  
  5. Finalise the integration and enjoy the automation.

ClickSend Improves Business Communications!

From Bulk SMS Gateways and Email Marketing Tools, through to Fax, Post and Rich Messaging services, are among ClickSend products for marketing platforms. 

  • SMS Gateway: Send and receive SMS messages globally. Simple yet powerful.
  • MMS Gateway: Send and receive MMS messages globally. Simple yet powerful.
  • Rich Messaging: Create and send rich multimedia experiences by RCS or messaging apps.
  • Voice Gateway: Global Voice and Text-To-Speech that’s simple yet powerful.
  • Email Marketing: Send beautiful email marketing campaigns or transactional emails at a very low cost. Easy to use drag-and-drop template editor.
  • Fax Gateway: Send and receive faxes globally without a fax machine. Instant set up of virtual fax numbers.
  • Online Post: Print, fold, and mail documents easier and more securely than ever using a real cloud printer. Send letters or postcards with no minimum volumes.

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