Airbnb Cleaning Fee: Tips and Strategies for Hosts

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Mastering the art of setting an Airbnb cleaning fee is important for hosts seeking to maintain a clean space and streamline operations. In this article, we explore valuable tips that empower hosts to optimise their cleaning fees, ensuring guest satisfaction while maximising profitability.

What Is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee?

The cleaning fee is a one-time fee charged for cleaning the space for guest use. This fee is set by the host and adds to the cost of the nightly rate. Cleaning fees on Airbnb allow hosts to cover the cost of property cleaning before guests arrive. 

This fee is visible to guests when they book their stay. Also, Airbnb provides a detailed breakdown showing the separate cost for cleaning, in addition to the nightly rate. Sometimes, guests might not notice Airbnb’s service fees until they view the breakdown of the total price or when they are just about to confirm their booking.

What Is Included in the Airbnb Cleaning Fee?

An Airbnb cleaning fee should cover the following expenses:

  • Time spent cleaning (tidying the rooms, changing the bedsheets and towels, washing the dishes, etc.)
  • Replenishing cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • Occasional repairs/maintenance
  • Professional cleaning service fees (if the host is not doing the cleaning themselves)
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Is the Airbnb Cleaning Fee Refundable?

Whether or not the Airbnb cleaning fee is refundable depends on the timing of the cancellation. If the cancellation occurs before check-in, the cleaning fee is always refunded to the guest. However, if the cancellation occurs after check-in, the cleaning fee is typically not refundable.

Should I Charge a Cleaning Fee on Airbnb?

A cleaning fee is part of Airbnb’s structure and is a way to ensure you are compensated for your efforts in restoring a property to guest expectations. So, it would be wise to charge a cleaning fee, especially when:

You are hiring a professional cleaning service.
Charging a cleaning fee allows hosts to cover the expenses incurred by professional housekeepers, cleaning supplies, and any additional costs associated with maintaining the property’s upkeep.

Guests are staying for an extended period.
Extended stays often result in greater wear and tear on the property. Charging a cleaning fee helps offset the additional cleaning and maintenance required to maintain the space during prolonged guest occupancy.

Your property is large and requires more time and effort to clean.
Larger spaces naturally require more time to clean thoroughly. From multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to expansive living areas, the cleaning process becomes more intricate. Considering these factors, implementing an Airbnb cleaning fee becomes not only reasonable but also essential for ensuring the property’s upkeep and preserving a high standard of cleanliness for guests.

You want to discourage 1-2-night stays.
By applying a cleaning fee that remains constant regardless of the length of stay, hosts incentivise guests for longer bookings. This approach aligns with hosts’ preferences for guests who stay for more extended periods – as shorter stays typically entail higher turnover and more frequent cleaning. Moreover, this can encourage guests to consider longer stays to spread out the cost of cleaning over a more extended period.

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How to Set an Airbnb Cleaning Fee

To set the cleaning fee on Airbnb through the desktop, navigate to your Airbnb dashboard and select the “Calendar” tab. On the panel next to the Calendar, find and click on the “Pricing” tab. Then, click on “Pricing” again. Look for “Additional Charges” and click on “Fees.” Then, select “Cleaning Fee” from the options listed.

On mobile, you need to tap on the “Calendar” icon, then “Settings.” Select “Pricing” from the options available. Look for “Additional Charges” and tap on “Fees.” Finally, tap on “Cleaning Fee.”

How Much to Charge for an Airbnb Cleaning Fee

The typical cleaning fee for an Airbnb falls within the range of £40 to £70. Yet this figure can be deceiving due to the vast diversity of listings. From cosy rooms in shared spaces to extravagant mansions with many rooms, determining a precise average becomes challenging.

Your specific fee structure can also be influenced by unique circumstances. For instance, accommodating pets often entails additional cleaning time and effort. In such cases, incorporating a pet fee helps cover these extra costs incurred.

One effective method to determine an ideal cleaning fee is by researching similar listings in your area. Then calculate an average fee based on those rates. It’s crucial for your Airbnb cleaning fee, along with your nightly rate, to remain competitive. This approach not only optimises your pricing strategy but also increases the likelihood of securing bookings.

When guests make a reservation at your property, they’ll notice the cleaning fee as a separate item in the pricing details. Some hosts choose to include the cleaning fee within the total booking cost. This way, they create an impression of no additional charges for guests. However, this approach often leads to a higher overall listing price compared to other similar listings in the market.

A more effective strategy is to maintain transparency by displaying a visible cleaning fee that is both competitive and reasonable. Sometimes, this involves adjusting fees based on the duration of the stay. For instance, setting a slightly higher fee for single-night bookings serves as a gentle deterrent for short stays, which might be associated with events or parties.

How to Add a Cleaning Fee to a Confirmed Booking

If you have enhanced your cleaning standards or engaged a housekeeper, you must reflect these on the cleaning fee. Moreover, you might consider applying this fee to an existing reservation or ongoing trip.

To implement this change, you’ll require your guest’s consent. You can easily initiate this process by sending them a trip change request, which will display the revised total price. It’s also recommended to accompany this request with a friendly message, explaining the adjustment and its reasons. This ensures transparency and clarity for your guest.

Are Service Fees Applicable to Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

Yes. Airbnb cleaning fees are included in the overall guest payment and host payout. So, they are subject to Airbnb’s service fees. In essence, just like any other component of the transaction, cleaning fees are also accounted for within Airbnb’s service fee structure.

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All in all, it’s essential to strike a balance when setting the Airbnb cleaning fee. While it can deter shorter stays, an excessively high cleaning fee might deter potential guests altogether, impacting the property’s occupancy rate. Hosts must consider the local market rates, the size of the property, and the cleaning services provided to ensure that the cleaning fee remains reasonable and competitive.

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