How to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Christmas?

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The favourite time of the year is fast approaching, and travellers are deciding where to book their Christmas trips. If you are an owner of a vacation rental, it’s a golden opportunity to host groups and families who want to celebrate this cheerful time. You should make memorable moments for your guests by preparing your vacation rental for Christmas. Is your rental prepared for this winter break? How do you get your property ready for the festive time?

Here are some tips to outfit your short-term rental for the Christmas season.

Embrace the Christmas Spirit

The easiest way to create a merry atmosphere for your guests is to deck the halls. You can consider many religious and cultural styles in holiday decor. But keep in mind, don’t go overboard and tread lightly. It might be best to consider a relatively neutral one. 

With this goal in mind, putting up a small Christmas tree with ornaments scattered around, hanging a few stockings from the fireplace, some scented candles, and playing unique songs can create cheerful moods and make your visitors feel cosy and warm. 

Plus, if your renters plan to stay for an extended duration, you can get their preferences and decorate with their tastes and styles.

Create a Cosier Atmosphere

If your rental is located in an area where it snows heavily, you should make sure that your home is prepared for the time when it gets chilly. You can use the following maintenance checklist and items:

  • Check to see if the heater or furnace is in good working order. 
  •  Insulate your loft to keep your rental warmer.
  •  Clean gutters.
  •  Inspect the roof for any damages.
  • Provide snow shovels and ice-melt in easy-to-access places to shovel the walkway.
  • Provide extra blankets.

Do a Deep Clean

It’s essential to perform extra cleaning during this unique and busy time of the year. This type of housekeeping is carried out to ensure that neglected areas during regular cleanings, such as inside of drawers and air conditioning vents, are wiped down, and everything looks as good as possible.

To guarantee more positive reviews and bookings, you should run deep-cleaning every six months before and after peak seasons. 

Provide Fun Indoor Activities

Many travellers prefer to ring in the New Year by staying in and hanging out with loved ones, especially when the weather is rainy or snowy. To make sure that they will experience a memorable and enjoyable vacation, offer indoor recreational facilities.

Take a look at the following activities:

 Board Games

Board games have a magical power to bring all family members back together and keep them entertained and satisfied, especially exhausted kids. As a result, they will experience a cheerful atmosphere, and you can receive more great reviews. 

Bear in mind to choose the board games suitable for most ages, easy to understand and family-friendly. For instance, you can provide Monopoly, Candy Land, Pictionary, The Game of Life, and Azul.

Cooking and Baking

Holidays such as Christmas are worthwhile moments of gathering. In this regard, making a delicious dinner or traditional food could be a great experience of being together. Your guest can have a blessed holiday by providing essential kitchen equipment such as baking cookware, coffee mugs, and BBQ utensils.

Offer a Welcome Basket

This basket can show your generosity and appreciation. Leaving a handwritten note in the package can convey your enthusiasm that your guests are there. It also could include fresh homemade cookies, some hot chocolate mix, a reservation at a local restaurant for a meal, or a ticket to a local theatre. 

Send Out a Newsletter

Send a holiday newsletter to your past guests to show your gratitude for getting to know them and let them know about your new availability. Sending a newsletter is also an extraordinary chance to inform your potential renters about popular local restaurants, historical sites, festivals, and nearby airports. Such content could be introduced via a simple video that drives more engagement. In addition, it’s a good idea to add some photos of your seasonal decor, such as a highly cosy fireplace or a charming porch.

Another announcement that could be included in this specific newsletter is offering a discount. This exclusive offer is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and retain your previous clients. 

Set the Right Rate

You should adjust prices based on the market conditions. In other words, it varies based on geography, high demand, public feast days, and different behaviour of customers. If you want to maximise the occupancy rate of your property and boost the profits and revenue, you should recommend the best price per night. Dynamic pricing can assist you in setting prices based on the season and other essential factors. 

Make Christmas Special For the Less Fortunate

Although Christmas is a festive season where individuals exchange gifts and spend time with their loved ones, most deprived people cannot celebrate this fantastic event. That being the case, you as a homeowner can organise a party for homeless people or orphans in your neighbourhood and invite your guests to participate in this party. This venture creates a sense of community, and your customers realise that you care about different aspects of society.

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Making a perfect celebration gathering might seem stressful. But, by adding some personal touches and preparation, you can create the Christmas spirit as nice as being at home and reveal that you care about your guest stay and vacations. Consider the above tips to make lasting impressions and get glowing reviews. 

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