8 Tips for Listing on Airbnb You Must Know


Listing on Airbnb is as easy as can be. Create an Airbnb account, fill out a few fields with your property’s information, upload a few photos, and there you go! Your home is listed there. Just hang loose and wait for the bookings to flow. 

But, why don’t you see the bookings roll in so easily? We’re here to share some‌ hosting tips and tricks for listing your short-term rental on Airbnb. 

With 7.7 million active listings worldwide and over 5 million hosts on Airbnb, it goes without saying that everybody must struggle to get on the top of the search results among an endless list of properties. Tips and tiny details about listing on Airbnb can help you in the long run. 

1. Upload High Resolution Photos

Airbnb users spend most of their time viewing a listing’s photos and trust them more than anything else. This is why photographs come first in the Airbnb algorithm. 

In fact, taking professional photos of your property is one of the top Airbnb tips for hosts. Use a mix of wide and detailed shots to give potential guests a good sense of your space.

Post Real Photos of Your Place

Increase your home’s appeal and give it a warm and comfortable look. Show your property at its best, but do not upload misleading and overly retouched photos on Airbnb. 

Your photos must show what staying at your place will feel like. It should match with the experience you will provide your guests with.

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Show as Much as You Can

Uploading as many photos as you can is a hot tip for listing on Airbnb. Display your home’s best amenities, even the most detailed ones. 

Show off the beautiful neighbourhood view, antique furniture, spotless bathroom, cosy fireplace, and fully stocked kitchen to your guests. However, make sure to display the most important features in the first five photos.

2. Pick an Appealing Title for Your Listing

Your property’s title plays a great role in convincing your prospects to click on your listing. That’s because it reflects the type of your rental. 

When you describe your vacation rental, make sure to mention its style and atmosphere. You can indicate if it is modern, luxurious, spacious, or any other relevant details. Use all the characters provided by Airbnb to effectively showcase your home. 

Be specific about your location in your title. You can use a nearby landmark or tourist attraction in your title. Your title must address the needs of your target guests and sound appealing to them. 

Your photos must support what you claim in the title. Check out our article Vacation Rental Home Names: How to Come Up with a Unique One to learn more.

3. Write an Outstanding Listing Description

Writing a creative description is very significant when listing your rentals on Airbnb. It can pretty much convince your prospective guests to click on the ‘Reserve’ button. So, do not take this opportunity for granted. 

If you do not get along well with words, hire a professional copywriter to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Highlight Your USPs (Unique Selling Points)

Highlight your unique amenities and services but do not overstate them. Don’t make your vacation rental look better than it is. 

Your listing’s location and amenities define the guests you can attract. For example, an apartment close to the business centre of your city is a tempting option to corporate travellers. 

Know your target guests and try to find out their expectations and preferences. Highlight the amenities that will appeal to the type(s) of guests you want to attract.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

Let Airbnb read your listing as ‘complete.’ Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and try to answer common questions they might ask. 

Every piece of information can help your guests make up their minds much more easily. So, tell them about your hairdryer, iron, laundry, linens, towels, parking, and even Netflix! 

Make Your Description Sound Friendly 

Your description must reflect the uniqueness of your space. Be clear and honest about the negatives and the weak points of your property. 

If something is broken or not working properly, let your guests know. If you won’t have time to fix it before the next booking, offer them a discount as a gesture of goodwill.

Get on top of Airbnb and also Google search results by using the keywords people might use to search for accommodation in your area. Check out our full guide on writing a winning vacation rental description.

4. Make a Reassuring Host Profile

The fourth tip for listing on Airbnb is to give your potential guests the chance to know you by updating your host profile. Upload your most friendly-looking picture and tell your audience about your personality, interests and hobbies. Share with them the story of your career as a host. 

You can connect your profile with your social media accounts. Your host profile can help your guests trust you and feel more comfortable to book with you.

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5. Lay Clear House Rules

A part of the booking process on Airbnb is accepting the rules set by the hosts. Inform your guests about the rules and guidelines of your property. This will help them make an informed decision on whether to book with you. 

Additionally, having clear house rules can protect your short-term rental from damage and prevent future problems. Clearly state your pet rules, no partying, extra guests, smoking policy, and early check-ins and check-outs.

Read our blog post 9 Must-Have Vacation House Rules and make sure to cover all the essential rules.

6. Show a Bit More Flexibility

Turn on ‘Instant Booking’ and let your guests get confirmation right away. There is nothing to worry about if you have already laid your robust house rules. A more flexible maximum and minimum stay and cancellation policy can also help you drive more bookings.

7. Collect as Many Shining Reviews as Possible

Airbnb guests count a lot on reviews before they book a property as they are the only way they can trust a rental. 

Make sure your guests have a great stay and encourage them to leave positive reviews. Learn different ways to collect more reviews in our blog post How to Make Up for Lost Airbnb Guest Reviews?

8. Price Smartly

Another crucial tip for listing on Airbnb is all about pricing. Being cheap doesn’t guarantee that people will book your property. You need to optimise your prices and offer the most competitive rates. 

Look to see how similar listings in your area are priced. Use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing Tool or get help from a dynamic pricing solution like PriceLabs and Beyond.Read our article The Importance of Dynamic Pricing for more information.

Use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing Tool or get help from a dynamic pricing solution like PriceLabs and Beyond- Zeevou
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Concluding Remarks

Optimising your listing on Airbnb can make your property stand out to a great degree. Always keep in mind that small details can go a long way and even the tiniest changes can bear notable results. From turning on Instant Booking to getting good reviews, you’ll be able to make your way through high ranks in search results.

Regularly update your Airbnb listing and keep your digital shop window fresh to bring more vacationers in. Make sure to list all the amenities and accurately describe your vacation rental. 

It’s always a good idea to go above and beyond what you promised in your listing to impress your guests. Don’t forget to respond to guests quickly and facilitate their booking process in every way you can.

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