Unwrap Zeevou’s Fresh Features with a Cheesy Grin :D

After pouring in a lot of effort and enduring a rollercoaster of emotions, we’re thrilled to spill the beans on this exciting news for you!

Effortless Guest Check-Ins Await with Zeevou’s Check-In Ready Feature

Zeevou’s innovative Check-In Ready feature revolutionises the guest check-in process and delivers ease and efficiency for property managers. Hosts can tailor the check-in process for each property by selecting specific steps that guests need to complete during the Booking Confirmation Process. These include essential information including guest information, signing the terms and conditions, guest verification, payment processing, and security deposit.

The Check-In Ready feature provides a visual tracking system that shows the status of each guest’s check-in process. Using a colour-coded system, the guest’s status is indicated by vibrant green, yellow, or red, depending on their advancement through the check-in steps. This data is smoothly integrated into the bookings’ overall view and in the Arrival list, giving hosts a perfect overview of guest status.

With Zeevou’s Check-In Ready feature, you can also choose to automatically provide check-in instructions depending on predetermined parameters. For instance, when a guest completes steps such as signing the agreement or submitting the required deposit, the check-in instructions are automatically dispatched. This simplifies the process by removing the need for creating unique rules for every case.

The Check-In Ready feature on Zeevou is an example of innovation and usability. It was created to optimise the guest check-in procedure and raise the bar for property management. With its robust functionality, property managers can seamlessly orchestrate guest check-ins, resulting in higher guest satisfaction and more efficient operations.

Get Ready to Rock with the Latest Autoresponder Updates

Zeevou’s Auto-Responder feature empowers you to send automated messages across multiple platforms, including Airbnb, in direct response to your guests’ questions. For Zeevou’s esteemed paid users, the possibilities are now even more remarkable. The change involves having two different replies: a distinct response for guests and another for enquiries.

Take control of your messaging strategy by customising the timing of your autoresponders. Seamlessly define the precise moments for messages to be dispatched. These could include pre-stay notifications to set the stage for an exceptional experience, or post-stay messages aimed at gathering feedback and fostering guest loyalty. It’s primarily employed in situations where there’s no one available to address guests’ enquiries. This feature proves useful during staff off-hours, particularly aiding guests in different time zones. For instance, hosts can configure automated responses for nighttime Airbnb queries, assuring guests of a prompt reply. Similarly, property managers can pre-empt common enquiries by including frequently asked questions in their automated responses.

With Zeevou’s intuitive interface, tailoring your messaging timeline is a breeze. Craft unique content that resonates with your brand, and let Zeevou’s automation seamlessly deliver your message at the perfect moment.

Unveiling the Buzz on Upgraded Manual Automated Messages

Our latest update brings an exciting feature to our platform and grants hosts an unprecedented level of control over their automated messages. Now, property managers have the freedom to easily change automated messages and use manual pausing whenever they want. This dynamic functionality has been integrated on a per-booking basis, ensuring hosts have complete control over their communication strategies.

So, hosts can change the content of their automated messages and even interrupt them if the occasion calls for a more personalised touch.

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