What Does CRM Mean in Marketing Your Properties?

What Does CRM Mean in Marketing Your Properties?

Data and Information built incrementally are among the most valuable assets over the course of time in a company. Likewise, the marketing team in a property management business deals with a lot of information through daily communications and reservations. It is always possible to use the guests’ information provided that you get their consent. CRM, Customer Relationship Management, allows you to track all your interactions with your customers or potential customers, also known as leads. To clarify CRM meaning in marketing, one could say it is about accumulating a database of useful information which is accessible in a secure place to optimise sales and targeted marketing.

What is the Meaning of Using a CRM Tool to Market Your Properties?

In order to understand CRM meaning in marketing your properties, take a look at six advantages of using a CRM built in a PMS, Property Management System.

1. Data Collection

A well-designed PMS collects the right information for you without making any difficulty for your guests, to be used in the future for marketing purposes. Guests end up in your vacation rental through a channel or direct booking website. The CRM module of your PMS enables you to collect essential information about them such as name, nationality, age, real email address, travel purpose, and how they have connected to you, and all automatically.

2. Building a Long-Term Relationship

Should you provide decent services, guests will trust you, which in turn leads to customer loyalty. They know that the next purchase is going to cost less for them, so why not? By collecting guests information, you are able to easily advertise your promotions for repeat purchases to them. For example, if you realise that a guest who stayed at one of your properties is a corporate staff, travelling to your city in specific intervals, you find it easier to invest in converting them to a permanent customer. Bear in mind that without keeping a record of your customers with the help of a CRM module built in your Property Management System, you lose all these sales opportunities.

3. Optimised Targeted Marketing

By having the option of organising guests’ information in different categories such as leisure or corporate as the purpose of the journey, you can promote your services based on their interests and requirements, which will cause more accurate marketing strategies, tailored for each segment of the database you have. You can create appropriate marketing messages for each group and send to the contact numbers and addresses you have collected incrementally. This will optimise your marketing efforts tremendously.

4. Improving Staff Efficiency

While starting a targeted marketing strategy, you need to assign specific tasks to your marketing team members. In other words, specifying segmentations requires operating the business accordingly. Your vacation rental’s marketing staff should be guided to know how to treat each group of customers.  For example, you can set reminders to show your marketing staff member a list of previous customers who travel for corporate reasons. This enables your marketing team to launch promotional email campaigns, exposing your properties in city centres or areas suitable for business travels. 

5. Not Repeating the Same Mistakes

By keeping a record of the guests who have been problematic during their stay, you prevent them from booking any of your properties again. It also helps you get a vivid view of the number of problems which helps in realising the reason for them. 

6. Accurate Analysis Based on Information

Collecting fragmented information enables you to improve your perception about your vacation rental business. With data analysis, you are more likely to make correct decisions. For instance, you need to compare the number of leisure and business travellers staying at your properties and their opportunity costs to realise which one brings the highest amount of revenue.

Which CRM Helps the Most in Marketing Your Vacation Rental? 

CRM meaning in marketing your properties is about how to collect and use information received from your guests or potential audience. There is no doubt that each entrepreneur dealing with a large number of customers should get advantage of CRM modules.

For vacation rental managers, it is highly suggested to use a PMS which includes a built-in CRM. The reason is creating a coherent system and preventing unnecessary time consumption for checking two separate systems and reducing human errors. Additionally, by having an all-in-one PMS, you save money in not paying for a separate subscription for a CRM software provider.

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