Booking Confirmation Process

Ensure each booking ticks all the boxes, no matter where they come from.

Booking Confirmation Processing

A Unique 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process

Zeevou’s 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process streamlines the processing of all bookings regardless of source and ensures that any unmet conditions are fulfilled before check-in can occur.

Offer Extra Services as Upsells

Processing your bookings through Zeevou, you’ll have the option to offer guests additional services before finalising the payment. During the confirmation process, guests are able to download a draft invoice for their stay and complete payment via a 3-D Secure Link.

Customise the Process

You can decide which steps you wish to activate and which fields you want to mark as compulsory for the guest. We provide you with a real-time overview of each booking and how far the guest has completed the confirmation process.

Booking Confirmation Process
Booking Confirmation Process

Screen Your Guests Thoroughly

Using Zeevou’s e-signature and ID verification solutions, you can provide thorough guest vetting and ensure you’re fully protected in case of a mishap.

Fully Automate Your Security Deposits

Zeevou helps you make security deposits less of a hassle. Security deposits can be pre-authorised and released according to a timeline you set. The system will automatically block the funds off the card, failing which the guest will be asked to re-enter card details.

Hassle-Free Booking Management

Save yourself the hassle of managing each reservation by allowing Zeevou to streamline the booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a booking is created in Zeevou or channels, guests will receive an email that asks them to confirm their booking. When they click on the Confirm button, they will be led to the confirmation page that asks them to fill the fields.

Because it is vital that you vet your guests before releasing access information, Zeevou needs your manual approval when it is required. Automation of tasks does not result in the release of sensitive information. Once payment and security deposits have been collected, and the terms and conditions have been signed, it’s your turn to approve the guest before access instructions are sent out.

Adding upsells can help you get more bookings and increase your revenue.

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