The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Thank You Letter for Renting a Vacation Home (2021)

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In our recent blog post How to Run a Perfect Email Marketing Campaign for Your Vacation Rental, we discussed the significance of email marketing in receiving more direct bookings and the reasons why you should run an email marketing campaign for your vacation rental. Here we want to dig deeper into one of the preliminary after check-out emails you must include in your email marketing campaign: thank you letters for renting a vacation home.

It is much easier and cheaper to motivate your past guests to come back than acquiring new ones. Building a meticulous email marketing campaign to keep in touch with your previous guests will cost you nothing, but goes a long way towards retaining recurring bookings.

Moreover, a thank you for staying with us letter can be an excellent post-stay communications starter. Take into account that these emails won’t work unless they are followed by further regular communications with your guests to build lasting relationships.

Even if your vacation rental is not located in a destination that gets repeat bookings, you might manage other properties in some other places that your guests might like to book. You would also like to benefit from word of mouth advertising and make your past guests your free promoters.

Why Should We Send a Thank Tou Letter For Renting a Vacation Home to Our Guests?

Apart from guest retention, a thank you letter for renting a vacation home can drive more direct bookings by generating 5-star reviews. People will not be willing to book a vacation rental with a few or zero reviews. More positive reviews will lead to a higher occupancy rate and better search engine and OTA rankings. These emails can also promote your brand and encourage direct bookings.

Offering a great guest experience is not enough, and you must ask your guests in a polite way to share what they have experienced for your future viewers. Reaching out to your guests via a thank you note is a great way to ask for reviews and feedback. Don’t forget to respond to the reviews to show the value of them for you.  

How to Create Thank You Emails for Your Guests?

Subject Line:

Include ‘Thank you’ in your subject line. You can also add the recipient’s name to your emails’ subject to make it more personalised.


Keep your message short and straightforward. Start with a greeting and state your thanks in simple words. Express your gratitude and appreciation and show them you care about their experience at your rental. Tell them that your vacation rental business wouldn’t be running if it weren’t for them. Say that you are looking forward to hosting them at your property soon and ask them to kindly share their feedback with your future potential guests on your website or online booking platforms. You can provide them with the links to make it easy for them to leave reviews.

Call to Action Section of Your Thank You Letter for Renting a Vacation Home:

Make your communications two-way and keep your guests interactive by working out an engaging call to action. Besides asking them for reviews and feedback, you can provide them with links to your social media profiles, direct booking website, and blog, or ask them to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one.


Writing a thank you note can be daunting for some property managers. It’s ok to use a template for your thank you email, but don’t forget to tailor the message to express your property’s friendly tone.

Design of Your Thank You Letter for Renting Vacation Home:

Make your email look like a digital copy of a beautifully designed eye-catching thank you card. Custom-designed thank you messages with your logo added to it can go a long way toward promoting your brand.

How to Send Thank You Emails to Your Guests?

Thanks to various innovative email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sendinblue, and Omnisend, you can automate your post-departure messages and don’t even bother to remember to send a thank you note or other types of email marketing messages. So you can free up your time to focus on your other tasks.

Keep in mind that not all your guests must receive a thank you letter for renting your vacation home and be appreciated for being good guests. Exclude your rule breaker and troublesome guests from the list of thank you email recipients, and don’t send them a review reminder. Not receiving reviews is by far better than receiving negative reviews.

When to Send Thank You Letter for Renting Vacation Home to Your Guests?

Send thank you notes promptly, but don’t be too early. Guestimate the time your guests need to take their flight back home or arrive at a place with a stable internet connection. 

Don’t be too late, either. Send your thank you note in 24 hours after your guests’ stay when their experience is still fresh.

Guests will remember you if they receive premium guest experience while staying at your rental and hear from you after their stay. A thank you letter for renting your vacation home is a great chance to start your post-stay email marketing series of messages and foster your marketing strategies. You can show your appreciation of your guests by giving them a small gift like vouchers, special offers to returns, repeat guests and referrals.

Thank You Letter for Renting a Vacation Home Samples:

Dear [your guest’s first name],

We were delighted to be chosen by you for your recent stay.

It was a great honour for us to have your company in [Your vacation rental’s name].

We hope our team could anticipate your needs and offer you exceptional service.

We would like to offer you a 5 per cent discount for booking directly on our website for your next visit. As one of our valued guests, Your feedback is of utmost importance to us to provide our future guests with ideal experience.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again soon.

Best regards,

Your name…

Job Designation…

Property name…



Dear [Your guest’s first name]

I hope you are having a great week after a fantastic holiday break.

Thank you for choosing us to stay on your trip to [your town’s name].

We hope that we were able to offer you more than satisfying service and you enjoyed your stay at [Your vacation rental’s name].

Your kind reviews will help us constantly improve our services. It would be great if you could spare a couple of minutes to leave us a review at [review platform].

We hope to welcome you back again in the near future.

Warm regards,

Your name…

Job Designation…

Property name…



Hi [Your guest’s first name]

I hope you are doing awesome.

I just wanted to drop you a thank you note for choosing [Your vacation rental’s name].

I hope we managed to make your stay extraordinary.

How did we do? Let us know by leaving a review on our website.

Sharing this kind of stuff with help our potential guests to feel more confident about choosing us.

Our doors are open to you 365 days a year.

Come back soon.


Your name…

Job Designation…

Property name…

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