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Are you a host looking to provide a new and exciting experience for your guests? Consider offering themed vacation rentals to elevate their travel adventures. Themed rentals provide immersive environments centered around a specific theme, making them perfect for families or groups of friends seeking unique and unforgettable stays. From classic polished looks to rustic escapes nestled in nature, this guide has everything you need to know about creating memorable and one-of-a-kind accommodations for your guests.

What Are Themed Vacation Rentals?

A themed vacation rental is typically provided by private hosts who have gone all out when decorating the property with items and accessories that tie together some sort of overarching theme – anywhere from beachy vibes perfect for summer escapes, woodland cabins ideal for cosy weekends away, or urban luxury pads fit for city exploring adventures. Property owners often furnish the home rent-ready as well so guests won’t have to worry about bringing anything other than themselves and any additional supplies they want onsite (such as food). 

Benefits of Themed Vacation Rentals

When booking a pre-themed trip such as this one instead of staying at a generic hotel room, a traditional bed and breakfast, or a camping site,there are several advantages! Here are just some of the advantages people commonly cite after experiencing themselves:

1. Immersion into Experiences

Instead of leaving your rental units completely disconnected from its surroundings and the culture around them, you can have everything tailored specifically towards each individual party’s interests. That makes all travellers feel more genuinely connected while touring throughout various regions in the selected destination.

2. Cost Saving Opportunities 

Typically, group trips booked via online travel agencies end up being much lower than if the same itinerary was purchased separately elsewhere. This happens due to factors such as sharing expenses between multiple parties. Plus, it enables everyone to benefit financially without sacrificing activities in the bucket list.

Themed Vacation Rentals

3. Ability to Connect With Other Guests More Deeply 

Tastefully styled furnishing combined with a vast array of entertainment options is not just about multiple guests staying together in an accommodation. It’s also about sharing many delightful memories wherever they stay. This could lead to later forming even stronger bonds between members invited on a themed vacation rental like a Game of Thrones villa in Lexington.

4. Easier to Market to Specific Guests

Themed rentals can also be a great way to up your short-term rental game in the short run. If you have a unique theme that appeals to a particular type of guests, you’re more likely to get bookings from people who are specifically looking for that kind of experience. For example, short-term rentals that are fantasy storybook themed have been doing exceptionally well with Gen Z in the UK. Hobbits’ Craighead Round Door Howfs of Dunblane, Perthshire could be a great example.

Should Hosts Go for Themed Vacation Rentals?

A themed rental can be a great marketing tool to stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for ways to catch the eye of the crowd and attract more guests, providing an experience inspired by a theme is one way to do it.

Theme rentals are considered to be “premium” experiences. Many guests will pay a higher price to impress someone they travel with, or to take fun photos in your space. If your theme appeals to them, they will be willing to pay more for it.

Themed Vacation Rentals: Tips & Tricks to Consider 

1. Identify Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is your step one. For example, if families are your target market, pick a theme that suits them best. Take the example of popular children’s films such as those produced by Disney and Pixar. Also, areas associated with greenery or themes centred on nature are wonderful options for luring nature lovers. 

Themed Vacation Rentals

2. Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Think about creating entertaining Instagram and TikTok reels that promote your listing; interact with prospective guests to get more bookings. In addition, a uniquely themed short-term rental will turn out great in photos – and amazing photos are one of the keys to success as a host.

3. Collect Your Ideas about Design 

With your theme in mind, you can make a mood board to prompt inspiration and visualise the recurring colours and shades. Ideally, you should pick a couple of base colours that are more neutral and calm for more extensive surfaces, combined with aesthetically appealing colours for decorations and amenities to complement them.

4. Refurbish Your Themed Vacation Rental

Consider renovating the space you’re transforming while remaining committed to your theme. Refurbishing the ceiling, walls and floors so that they match the decor will truly plunge your guests into the world you create for them. Keep it close to nature.

5. Choose Customised Furniture

You could buy new installations or go through many DIY alternatives to customise your old furniture. A new paint job or some craftsmanship skills will make your guests undoubtedly take sight of the love for detail. However, make sure your custom furniture is entirely safe and child-proof. 

6. Incorporate Unique Touches

Mix things up by adding personal touches such as vintage books, photos or art pieces representing the local flavour instead of generic “vacation” items used solely as decoration purposes elsewhere. Also consider special details like sound systems controlled by smartphones so people have music wherever they roam around!

7. Investigate Local Attractions & Activities

Engage potential guests by providing them with valuable information about nearby activities (golfing spots or adventure parks). Share tourist attractions coupled with interesting facts about historical places surrounding each stay point added bonus perk travellers love discovering when booking vacations online these days.

Themed Vacation Rentals

Drawbacks & Limitations of Themed Vacation Rentals 

The truth is not all guests have a penchant for a themed experience. So if your rental is too over-the-top, you could end up turning away potential customers with the taste of a more traditional rental.

Moreover, creating a themed vacation rental can also be a lot of work. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending more time and money on furnishing your rental than you would if you just stuck to a traditional setup.

Concluding Remarks

Themed vacations are unique rental homes that stand out from the competition due to their unique decorations and accents. From mystery manors where time has stood still for hundreds of years to something completely offbeat like going on unicorn adventures, a themed vacation rental can make our wildest childhood dreams come true. 

Themed vacation rentals are much more than just finding desired amenities at reasonable rates. They can provide once–in-a-lifetime experiences that captivate memories unlike any other accommodation choice! So, before going all out with a themed listing, don’t forget to plan in advance thoroughly. 

Zeevou’s Property Management System and Channel Manager will help you manage your themed vacation rental like a breeze.

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