What Would Be the Dream Scenario for Vacation Rental Housekeeping?

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Managing vacation rental housekeeping is key to bringing about the best guest experience, and ultimately, gaining 5-star reviews – given to you wholeheartedly rather than asked for or even suggested desperately.  

However, self-managing the A to Z of cleaning tasks is challenging, especially for several properties across different locations. Therefore, it seems more efficient to outsource your vacation rental housekeeping to a professional cleaning team.

As a wary and forward-thinking property manager, you still want to maintain your cleaning standards and control the quality of housekeeping tasks. To streamline supervising your rental housekeeping, you need to rely on automated and remote management. So keep reading this article to get some useful insights.

5 Efficient Ways to Automate Your Vacation Rental Housekeeping

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  1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

To provide a high standard of cleanliness, you need to pass up hiring an individual cleaner. Employing a professional housekeeping company is like having the best of both worlds: they know how to manage the short time between guests’ turnovers and compete with a hotel’s cleaning crew.

  1. Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

A cleaning checklist may be a helpful tool to ensure that the level of cleaning matches your expectations. To simplify the process, you can create a message template that includes cleaning instructions for each new cleaning assignment.

  1. Have a Smart Calendar

Vacation rentals have many moving pieces, which means you can simply miss one or more on the go. Thus, a cleaning calendar is needed so that both the housekeeper and the host can access it remotely to check related tasks and stay tuned.

  1. Use a Housekeeping App

It would be ideal to keep track of a crew that is constantly rushed off their feet. A perfect cleaning tool offers ample opportunities for property managers like tracking the progress of ongoing jobs, assigning new tasks, contacting the cleaning crew, and beyond.

  1. Employ an All-in-One Property Management System

An advanced PMS – Property Management System – presents several functionalities and integrations to make a host’s life easier than ever. With an all-in-one PMS, you can manage several cleaning and maintenance tasks from one centralised dashboard. No need to switch between accounts and properties!

The Benefits of Automated Vacation Rental Housekeeping

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#1 Monitoring Cleaning Tasks with No Hassle

The first and foremost advantage of having your vacation rental cleaning automated is the easy monitoring of housekeeping processes. Whether on vacation or relaxing at home, you can check on the cleaners’ performance through various online tools.

#2 Managing Multiple Properties Efficiently

Having comprehensive control over several properties across different locations is always tricky. Whether your rentals are located in one city or various towns, you can’t track each property’s cleaning tasks manually. Here is where automated cleaning comes to your help to make your business and life more swift, simple, and sweet.

#3 Benefits for Cleaning Staff

With a vacation rental housekeeping app, your housekeepers will have the resources they need to complete the job efficiently. They can quickly access their work schedule, communicate with the property manager, and make internal reports all in one place.

#4 Controlling Property Maintenance More Effectively

No matter how clean and antiseptic, a vacation rental with a broken radiator or leaking tap won’t receive positive reviews. Web-based and mobile cleaning apps help with regular and thorough preventive maintenance remotely. How? Cleaners can give a real-time report regarding severe property damage or normal wear and tear for you to take action as necessary.

Zeevou’s Ultimate Solution for Vacation Rental Housekeeping Management

Hiring a professional cleaning service is a must for operating several rentals. Yet, you need to supervise their work to ensure everything is on the right path and nothing is overlooked. Regular communication with cleaners also enables you to track the property situation and take quick actions in case of damage.

To address all your needs as regards cleaning, Zeevou has developed various features, including a housekeeping mobile app. The following are some handy features of Zeevou’s housekeeping solution:

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  • Simultaneous Control over Several Properties

This is actually the main request of every short-term rental manager; they simply want to scan their multiple properties in one look. Zeevou’s mobile app syncs with Zeevou hub. This way, the host will be able to monitor and manage the cleaning of several rentals all in one place.

For instance, you can take swift action when your rental property in the X city requires new housekeeping schedules and check the cleaning quality of your serviced apartment in the Y town.

  • Cleaning Calendar

The software renders a calendar, allowing housekeepers to track their work by selecting a particular day and viewing all allocated jobs. They may also get a list of all their duties for a given month.

The property manager can monitor the calendar and schedule or modify tasks through the hub. Changes will appear on the calendar right away, and cleaners will receive notification of the updates through the app.

  • Housekeepers’ Live Location

Zeevou can also assure hosts that their cleaner is in the right place at the right time. Accordingly, housekeepers have to turn on Location on the Zeevou Housekeeping App to see the start option. Otherwise, the start button will not appear for that particular task.

  • Checking the Cleaning Quality

To control the cleaning quality, hosts can set tasks to be completed when cleaners have uploaded images of the room. For the time being, housekeepers can only send photographs shot using a cellphone camera, not ready photos in the Gallery.

The number of toilets, baths, and rooms for each property is already included under Zeevou Listings. Thus, the system knows how many images to ask the cleaner to upload.

  • Tracking the Cleaning Status

It’s critical to ensure that cleaners are scheduled quickly, especially when time is tight between guests’ turnovers. Moreover, you may need to know the timing of tasks, particularly when cleaners get paid based on their working hours.

With Zeevou, you are able to confirm if your cleaners can meet your timeline. The vacation rental owner can see the start and finish time, and how long a task took through the Zeevou hub.

  • Reporting Issues

Housekeepers are also able to report problems with sending images or videos, as well as a message for further information. They can also specify the issue’s priority by declaring an emergency that requires an immediate response.

This way, you have not only control over your property’s cleanliness but also its maintenance.

  • Requesting a Leave

Housekeepers can submit a request for a leave of absence using the app. The message will appear on the hub where the host can decide whether to reject or accept the request.

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The solid operation and improved communication between hosts and cleaners are just some of the advantages of automated vacation rental housekeeping. And undoubtedly, using automation tools is the best way to stay on top of housekeeping tasks. However, you’ll need more to make your dream come true. An innovative and comprehensive PMS can be the key player in making different aspects of your business more straightforward and efficient, including your vacation rental housekeeping.

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