Remotely Monitor your Airbnb’s Cleanliness

Remotely Monitor your Airbnb’s Cleanliness

Any owner of a vacation rental business must be aware of the importance of offering an impeccably clean property to guests. Guests are also looking for a homely and welcoming experience. They will not compromise on their expectations when it comes to hygienic standards. It is very common to receive negative reviews due to slight issues like a barely visible hair on a pillowcase, or grime on light switches. Deep cleaning after every check-out or engaging professional cleaning services involves a huge amount of work. But if positive reviews matter to you, cleaning will become an integral part of your business. Thankfully, the growth of the vacation rental market has meant that there are solutions available to remotely monitor your Airbnb’s cleanliness.

Local Professional Vacation Rental Cleaners

By just googling you will find a list of local vacation rental cleaning companies available in your vicinity. Although you have many options, it can also be confusing and difficult to choose the appropriate cleaners. Having an Airbnb cleaning checklist in hand will make the process of finding the right cleaning service easier. Probably checking the reviews left for the cleaning company, and a bit of trial and error will allow you to find the group that can fulfill your expectations. Finally, after making your choice, you have to follow a procedure. You should ask the cleaner to follow your cleaning checklist, sending pictures to the supervisor to show the work status.

There are multiple cleaning checklist templates available on the internet. While items including the kitchen, wet areas, exterior, and sleeping areas are musts on any cleaning checklist, Zeevou has a detailed cleaning checklist template which it provides for cleaners, including items beyond the standard ones found on most checklists. This way you as vacation rental and serviced apartments owners can remotely monitor your Airbnb’s cleanliness with happy guests checking out and leaving positive reviews.

To download the sample cleaning checklist for free, click here.

Cleaning Apps for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental cleaning apps are a good choice when operating and tracking short term rental cleans from a remote location. With a cleaning app, you can schedule the cleaning tasks, check the quality of the cleaners, and also find all available local cleaning companies. 

Properly is a cleaning app known for its photo integration. You can take photos and add notes on the parts you want to flag or clean again.

TurnoverBnB is another cleaning app that is currently available only in the US and Canada. It has integrations with major OTAs, providing a cleaning schedule linked to coming bookings, check-ins, and check-outs.

MaidThis, Handy, Airtasker, Doinn, GuestPrep, and Airhosta are among the many other cleaning apps for vacation rentals you can look into in your area.

Integrated Solutions Like a Comprehensive PMS

Choosing the right Property Management System with an integrated cleaning solution reduces your management workload. Instead of paying for separate applications, and incorporating them manually into your workflow with the attendant problems that can result from the integration of different systems, why not choose a comprehensive, all-in-one solution?  

Zeevou is an easy to use online platform that automates hospitality management. The cleaning module of this PMS is incorporated into this exceptional system. Zeevou Clean links automatically with all the other parts of the PMS, from marketing to bookings, to operations.

Zeevou Clean compares favourably with existing solutions tailored for the vacation rental industry.

  • It has a developed algorithm for allocating tasks to the housekeepers, asks you to input the time needed for each task, and considers the travel time between properties if the staff have to follow a cleaning itinerary in a day.
  • You can create bespoke teams for certain tasks within your system.
  • The cleaners can access the list of their cleans on their mobile apps, making communication more efficient. 
  • Zeevou records the cleaners’ GPS during the time the task is under progress. The cleaners should upload photos of each room to check the quality of their job.
  • Housekeepers can also report other maintenance issues through their mobile apps, which are then fed into Zeevou Fix. Zeevou Clean enables you to manage housekeeping tasks remotely. It takes advantage of your housekeepers’ presence to deal with any issues your vacation rental property might have faced.

Are you interested in knowing more about how Zeevou helps you Remotely Monitoring of your Airbnb’s Cleanliness? Please read this page. You can also contact Zeevou Partner Success Team as we can’t wait to show you around!

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