Zeevou’s New Update Streamlines Web Application Integration Through OpenAPI and Integration with Zapier

Streamlines Web Application Integration

What Is Web Application Integration and How Does it Help Your Business?

‘Web Application Integration’ seems like a highly unknown word, but if you get to know it, you’ll understand how a lifesaver it is to your property management business. 

As a vacation rental manager or serviced apartment operator, you have no choice but to use multiple software to take care of the different aspects of running your business. 

For instance, you might need to use apps like Trello or Slack to manage the intercommunications between your team members or use Google Contacts to save your guests’ contact details by their names to build a better, more personal relationship with them with the hope of converting them into direct bookers.

Even though using different applications will provide you with higher automation and save you from a lot of hassle, it brings its own challenges. One of the biggest difficulties of using multiple software is the need to transfer data between them. 

Web application integration helps you manage all your applications and keep them up to date. One of the most effective tools that streamline data exchange between different apps is Zapier and OpenAPI, which is why we have integrated with both of them in our latest update.

If you want to know more about the advantages of each of these integrations, just keep reading this article as we’ve tried to put some practical information to help you use them much better. 

The Benefits of Zapier Integration for Property Management

It is said that saving time and increasing automation are the two most important goals for a property manager to reach because if you want to expand your portfolio while enhancing the services you provide your customers with, there’s no way you can do this without these two key concepts.

As you know, Zapier is a global remote company that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use between each other. 

Therefore, Zapier integration enables you to do your most important work by saving time through automation. Moreover, you can discover creative ways to connect different apps with each other increasing your productivity by the cooperation and data transfer between them. 

Zeevou’s Integration with Zapier

Our team at Zeevou have been busy working on an integration to Zapier, which now opens up a door to limitless connections to third-party apps. Thanks to this partnership, even if Zeevou does not integrate with a specific software but Zapier does, you can still connect your system to them and automate various workflows to and from your Zeevou account.

For instance, you might’ve been using Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns and boosting your direct bookings. Our integration with Zapier now enables you to send your guests’ real email addresses alongside their GDPR compliant marketing opt-in where applicable to your Mailchimp account as soon as they are collected.

Zeevou automates the collection of these details through its unique 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process. This means you can now continuously build a database of your guests’ real email addresses and enjoy the benefits of your email marketing strategies.

Benefits of OpenAPI for Property Management

As a property manager, depending on the size of your business, you receive tons of data on a daily basis, including your hosts and guests’ information. Each of these data are invaluable to your property management business and if you know how to use them efficiently, you can make fundamental changes in your business.

Now, let’s take a look at the definition of OpenAPI. An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules and definitions that allow different pieces of technology to communicate with each other.

Generally, OpenAPI and Zapier enable you to do the same tasks. OpenAPI essentially gives any developer the possibility to create software to plug into an external platform (in our case the Buildium application) to either write or extract certain data.

So, using an OpenAPI helps you connect two different systems laying out the specific rules that need to be followed to collect or send the requested information. 

Zeevou Launches Its OpenAPI

Over the last few sprints, we’ve been hard at work to allow you to easily connect with other software that you may use to run your business.

Now, with the addition of an OpenAPI (Application Programming Interface), you can connect your Zeevou account with any software and share data pretty easily. This covers pretty much any entity in the system, so if you need to share data from within Zeevou with another software, you can do it in the blink of an eye. 

This feature will allow us to have more integrations in the future, so you’ll be able to automate even more aspects of your business. So reach out to your favourite software providers in the industry and ask them to start building an integration to Zeevou!

To Sum Up

Probably most of us enjoy relying on only one software and want our PMS (Property Management System) to be able to take care of everything. However, that’s impossible in the real world. 

On the other hand, using various software can be truly confusing in addition to being time-consuming, most of the time. Here’s where technologies that streamline web integration application come to our help.

We’ve expanded our horizons with this goal in mind, and now Zeevou’s integration with Zapier and OpenAPI enables you to enjoy maximum automation. 

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