How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Property Management Blog

How to Develop a Content Strategy for Property Management Blog

It’s almost 2021, but blogging is still around and remains one of the most popular marketing strategies. Today, you can hardly find a business that doesn’t have a blog, both in B2B and B2C fields. By developing a content marketing strategy for property management blogs, the companies are effectively building authority in their respective niches. 

However, there are also other reasons why companies from different niches choose blogging as their top marketing strategy – a decent revenue and effective customer acquisition. According to the statistics by Optinmonster

  • Companies that have active blogs are 13 times more likely to receive a positive ROI.
  • 57% of brands claim they’ve gained customers thanks to blogging.
  • B2B companies that have blogs get 67% more qualified leads.

These statistics don’t relate to any particular industry, so there are no excuses why your property management business shouldn’t have a blog. If you do it right, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits and grow your business and its authority in the industry faster than your competitors. 

However, in the process of creating a property management blog, you might encounter some obstacles and content drought. And it’s completely normal, as the statistics mentioned above also claim 60% of B2B companies struggle to create engaging content. 

So, to help you get through that block, today, we are going to discuss how to create an effective content strategy that will make your property management blog a leader in your industry. 

1. Develop an SEO Strategy First

Before you start creating the content for your property management blog, you need to take care of how to make it visible. Of course, you can later promote it via different social media, but since Google will be the primary channel through which your readers will find your content, you need to optimise it for the search engine first. 

Besides, if you start by developing an SEO strategy, it will significantly simplify your writing workflow and even can provide you with content ideas. You also won’t have to do keyword research whenever writing a new article for your blog. 

To lay the foundation for a strong SEO strategy which leads to a perfect content marketing strategy for property management blogs, you need to work on at least the following three components:

  • The list of keywords. Focus on long-tail keywords with low competition but decent search volume. There is no point in using overly popular keywords since there are probably industry leaders who will outshine you, especially if your blog is relatively new. 
  • Search intent optimisation. When compiling your list of keywords, make sure you put them in different contexts according to the intent with which your audience might be searching for your content. For instance, while the majority might be looking for general property management information, some might look for a particular business:
Keyword research on Uber suggest for Content Strategy for Your Property Management Blog- Zeevou
  • A link building strategy. Also, before you start writing your articles, consider how you are going to promote them. One of the most SEO-friendly ways to do it is by building links on websites relevant to yours. But you first need to build a relationship with these websites before you can ask for backlinks. 

On top of that, you need to decide whether your blog will focus more on long-form or short-form content. Even though short blog articles are quite popular in some industries, long-form content over 1,000 words is more appreciated. 

However, the length of your content will also depend on the goal of your blog. If you simply want to post property management industry updates, short-form content is enough. But if your blog aims to educate your audience about how the industry functions, longer articles would do better since they will provide more insights and help you develop a great content marketing strategy for property management blogs.

2. Analyse the Data on Your Audience’s Content Preferences

It’s true that keyword research can be very helpful when it comes to content ideas. But it’s still very likely that you will run out of ideas very soon or that your audience won’t be as excited to read your blog as you want them to be. 

That’s why, when developing a content strategy for your blog that would satisfy your readers, you need to do some social listening first. There are two effective ways of how you can collect data on your audience’s content preferences. 

1) Take Advantage of Social Data

Social data is the information that internet users share publicly, mostly on social media. If you have active social media profiles and a decent number of followers, there is a possibility you already have all the answers regarding their content preferences. 

For instance, if you go to Facebook Insights and pick the Posts tab, you will be able to see how your audience reacted to each of your posts and which topics drove the most engagement:

Facebook Insight- Zeevou

2) Conduct Surveys 

It’s always a good way to ask your readers about their content preferences directly, as it would also give you the most relevant data on their content preferences. 

The fastest way to run a survey is via social media and email. On social media, there are plenty of built-in tools that you can use to run an interactive poll. 

However, if you mostly interact with your audience via email, you might need some third-party tools to create your survey. Such resources, like SurveyMonkey, can help you write content for your surveys, proofread them, and optimise their readability. Then, you can post your survey on your website. Survey Monkey also creates a separate landing page for your survey, which you can embed in your email:

Content Strategy for Your Property Management Blog- Zeevou

In your survey, you can also ask your readers if they are interested in some additional blog features, such as a live chat, social media handles, and other options that would make it easier for them to interact with your brand and make learning from your blog more engaging. 

At this point, if you have a developed SEO strategy and content ideas for your blog posts, it will be enough to improve your property management company and its marketing efforts. However, if you want to have a strong content strategy for your property management blog and see your blog not just to stay afloat but grow and become more popular, you need to keep a close eye on the trends within the property management industry. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you should spend hours on Google searching for the topics that are currently the hottest in the industry. It’s enough to employ the following tactics to have the freshest information on the property management trends. 

1) Be Active on Quora

On this platform, users ask many questions on different topics, including property management:

Qoura for Content Strategy for Your Property Management Blog- Zeevou

Under each question, there is a number of people who are following it, and if the topic is trending, the number of followers will also be high. 

Apart from watching trends, you can also use Quora for sentiment analysis to complete your SEO strategy. Martin Harris, a writer and an SEO expert at GrabMyEssay, says that you can even employ Quora to find keywords optimised for different types of search intent based on what the users of this platform are most frequently looking for within your industry and niche. 

2) Take Advantage of Google Alerts

An effortless way to create a good content strategy for your property management blog and receive information about the current property management trends is to create an alert in Google Alerts using a related keyword:

Google Alert for Keywords- Zeevou

As a result, you will receive daily industry updates based on the keywords that you’ve created an alert for. You can change these alerts at any time and focus on a specific trend. 

Wrapping up the Content Marketing Strategy for Property Management Blogs

Running a property management blog is an exciting thing to do, especially considering how fast it can help you build up your authority in this niche. However, blogging also requires a lot of work and a proper content strategy. 

A successful content strategy for a property management blog always has a solid SEO foundation from the beginning. So, make sure you work on your keywords and other SEO efforts before you launch your blog. 

Apart from that, you need to fill your property management blog with content that will be highly relevant for your audience. For this, you can do some social listening and mine the data on your audience’s content preferences to get more content ideas. 

Lastly, if you want your blog to grow, it needs to follow the trends, which you can watch on platforms like Quora and Google Alerts. Once you have this system up and running, you can start developing content, which will have all the chances to make your blog the leader in the property management industry. 

Author Bio: Marques Coleman is a content writer at TrustMyPaper and a contributing editor at WowGrade. He’s also a freelance marketing expert, helping brands develop successful content marketing strategies. Among his most successful clients are platforms like Subjecto, SupremeDissertations, and many startups who were able to grow their blogs with his help.

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