Hidden SEO Mistakes that Could be Losing You Money and What to Do About It

Hi Zeevou Universe, 

Have you ever wondered why Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia etc consistently rank high to Google Searches for generic terms such as Hotels in London among others? You should be aware of the value of SEO to avoid Hidden SEO mistakes.

Firstly allow me to introduce myself, I’m Matt and I have just started a SEO and Digital Marketing agency, Mega Power Marketing. We are a Small Business focused agency and consultancy with extensive experience Enterprise and Big Business SEO. Personally I have over 10 years SEO experience working anywhere from agencies to SEO software technology. I’ve also run SEO for a large High Street fashion retailer. In over 10 years, I have account managed and consulted well over 200 businesses in the UK, Nordics and further afield. Many of my customers include brands are household brands you will no doubt know in sectors such as travel, finance, retail, gaming and publishing. In addition to SEO, I have also set up a Serviced Accommodation business Beks Beds

I am in a unique position to help the Small Businesses and Accommodation owners realise the true value of SEO!

As you might guess, I am a firm believer that many of the practises big business have implemented for SEO success can very easily applied to small businesses especially hospitality and accommodation owners. Even better these practises can be done at a fraction of the costs and significant budgets of the big players. This leads to the question what mistakes could you be making to your website that is costing you not only high converting traffic but also revenue and increased occupancy rates for your hospitality and accommodation business. 

As a result, I’ve created an easy to read guide on what you could be doing wrong to your websites and more importantly what you can do about it! It is about the value of SEO and Hidden SEO mistakes.

DOWNLOAD the free guide here. 

For many hospitality and accommodation owners, the value of SEO can be a topic that is misunderstood and complex. As a result there this could lead to a perception that SEO is a nice to have rather than business critical as part of your total marketing mix. I’m going to come out pretty strongly and say this is doing your business damage and more likely costing you bookings, customers and ultimately return customers. 

But here is the really Good News…. SEO is easy and logical if you know what you are doing!  The primary barriers to SEO success are really time and knowledge. Once you have educated yourself on SEO and know what your website visitors need to see the process can be quite simple! 

However let’s be clear here, SEO is no quick fix nor will you see the fruits of your labour overnight. I should also stress, it should not be the only channel that you rely on to drive traffic to your website. SEO does take investment of time to build the right website and identify the right target market. 

With this in mind, my downloadable guide on the Hidden SEO mistakes and the Value of SEO that could be losing you money is packed with actionable solutions to implement straight away! 
As an added bonus,  if you want to find out how to improve your websites SEO I offer a Free 30 Minute Strategy sesion where I will provide you with at least 2-3 Mega Power Actions to implement to improve your websites performance, drive more traffic and ultimately convert more customers.

Hidden SEO Mistakes-Mega Power Marketing

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