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Zeevou's new features

After putting in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we are happy to share this exciting news with you!

Import Your Airbnb Listings to Zeevou in a Matter of Minutes

Manual importing of Airbnb listings is a thing of the past. 

Now, you have the option to import your Airbnb listings to Zeevou with just a few clicks. You can quickly transfer your listings by copying the URL from your Airbnb property page into the corresponding field on Zeevou. To complete the import, you simply need to review the imported data, make necessary changes, and add specific details, such as the rates and minimum and maximum stays.

Using this feature, you can accelerate the data transfer, resulting in faster and simpler onboarding with Zeevou.

Level Up Your Guest Experience with a Seamless Booking Confirmation Process

After introducing our unique 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process, we’ve tried our best to improve each step based on your needs. And now, we are here with these new functionalities:

Learn More about Your Guests’ Preferences

As part of the confirmation process, you have the option to obtain more detailed information from guests. Besides asking about their exact arrival and departure times and booking purposes, you can ask other custom questions to get more specific information.

Provide a Thorough Guest Vetting with Our ID Verification Solution

The host can enable SMS and email verification to minimise the risk of receiving fake bookings. ID verification is also being developed to collect guests’ documents, such as a scanned version of their passport/ID or a photo of their card.

Ensure You’re Fully Protected by Enabling the Agreement Step

What’s also new is our built-in e-signature rental agreement feature. As a host, you can ask guests to sign an agreement before staying at your home. This feature comes with no cost and replaces the Signable integration. Once the guest has signed the terms and conditions, we will display this in Zeevou, and a copy of the agreement envelope will be available for download.

Increase Your Profit Margins by Including Upsells in the Confirmation Process

During the reservation process, guests will be able to choose additional services as upsells in advance before finalising the payment. This can decrease the number of possible transactions and increase profits by showcasing specific services that guests might have missed.

While completing the booking process, guests can see how many steps are done and which still remain. This reduces the chances of missing a step and provides a seamless booking process.

Enjoy Zeevou’s Automation Tools with the New Look

On the way to improving our website usability, we have designed a more user-friendly platform with adapted features. 

Multi-Unit Calendars. Besides working on developing new landing pages, our team has launched a solid combination of Booking and Rates & Availability Calendars. This way, you can monitor bookings and change rates and availability in one place which is your Multi-Unit Calendar. Moreover, in the new “Booking Info” sidebar, you can quickly view booking details for each reservation. You can also create bookings and block dates and apply advanced modifications directly from the Booking Calendar.

Booking Report. Zeevou helps you to take the guesswork out of your short-term rental by representing your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This dashboard reporting feature provides charts and graphs to give you an at-a-glance vision of specific data. So, you can efficiently track your corporation’s performance, get invaluable insights, and grow your vacation rental business wisely. 

Create Reservations on the Go through the Host App

Now, you can easily create a booking anytime and anywhere without having to access the system on your PC. The Zeevou’s Host App simplifies making new reservations through a couple of steps. While making a reservation, you can modify default prices and edit the invoice summary before issuing it to guests.

Let Automated Notifications Do the Talking

Using our new notification settings, you will receive real-time updates and stay in the loop with relevant information. Various notifications can be enabled for some sections of the Zeevou Hub, including Bookings, Tasks, and Listings. In addition, you can set how you and your staff should be notified, whether via Mobile App, Web App, or Email.

Want to know how Zeevou’s new features benefit your vacation rental business? Book a Free Demo today!

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