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As in many businesses, the trend of using smart phones for managing tasks is increasing in short-term operations. Therefore, having a property management mobile app, including a housekeeping mobile app, is essential for all property managers. 

Simple operation, quick access to business information, and optimised communication with staff are some of the benefits of a property management mobile app. A professional Property Management System (PMS) should include separate mobile apps for staff, investors, housekeepers, and guests. 

This article specifically focuses on the benefits of vacation rental housekeeping mobile apps for housekeeping staff and vacation rental managers.

Why Use a Vacation Rental Housekeeping Mobile App?

Without a doubt, cleaning and housekeeping tasks are among the most important responsibilities in operating a rental property. A perfect vacation rental goes beyond regular house cleaning to provide a spotless stay that meets high-quality standards. As a property manager, you understand the challenges of managing housekeeping duties efficiently and flawlessly. It gets more tricky, especially during short turnovers between guests and when managing multiple properties.

For your rental business that is always on the move, a housekeeping mobile app serves as the perfect on-site quality control tool. These housekeeping tools have revolutionised communication and task management, offering various services and benefits, including:

  • Faster performance compared to websites.
  • Convenient notifications for housekeepers at all times.
  • Improved control and monitoring capabilities.
  • Customisable housekeeping tasks.
  • Seamless communication with housekeepers.
  • Immediate reporting of property damage and issues by housekeepers.
  • Capability for cleaners to report task completion through photos and videos.

A wide variety of housekeeping apps are available for vacation rental properties, offered by different PMSes and companies. However, not all of them may be suitable for your specific rental business. Therefore, it is important to take your time and choose an app with features that perfectly align with your preferences. 

Zeevou’s Housekeeping Mobile App

As an innovative PMS, Zeevou has developed a mobile app aiming to boost your rental business and streamline the management process. The app is available for free download to all of your staff members.

The first released section of this app is designed for housekeepers. Its purpose is to facilitate easier communication with the host and enhance the handling of cleaning duties while on the go.

Here are the key features of Zeevou’s housekeeping mobile app:

PMS Integration

This app seamlessly syncs with the Zeevou Hub, providing the host with the ability to assign and update tasks, define flexible or limited start and end times, and track work status, all in one centralised place. With this feature, the host can effectively manage and control housekeeping duties for multiple properties within the same hub.

Up-to-Date Calendar and Smart Scheduling

The app includes a calendar that allows housekeepers to easily track their tasks by selecting a specific day and viewing all assigned tasks. Additionally, they have access to a comprehensive list of their tasks for the entire month.

Any additions or updates made by the property manager to the housekeeping tasks will immediately reflect on the calendar. And the housekeeper will receive mobile alerts and notifications to stay informed of these changes.

Remote Supervision

The Zeevou housekeeping app provides the property manager with comprehensive control over cleaning tasks. Hosts can create and assign tasks, customise their duration, and set priorities via the hub, which will display on the app immediately.

To effectively supervise the work of cleaners, the host can require photos of the room before task completion. This ensures that the finish button won’t appear until the housekeeper uploads the relevant images. The app restricts the use of photos from the mobile gallery, allowing only pictures taken by the mobile camera at the moment.

Moreover, the housekeeper is required to share their location before starting a task. So, the host can get assured that the cleaner is in the right accommodation. The host can also track when the cleaner completes the task and the duration it took. Additionally, the app prevents housekeepers from initiating multiple tasks simultaneously. Timely notifications are provided to the housekeeper, indicating when there might be insufficient time to complete a task or when they are approaching the deadline.

Real-Time Reporting and Communication

With Zeevou’s housekeeping app, cleaners can report issues by attaching photos or videos along with a note for additional details. They can report issues for the room they are responsible for cleaning or for properties that are not their current task. Cleaners also have the ability to prioritise the reported issues, such as flagging urgent problems for prompt action.

Furthermore, the host or property manager can leave notes under specific housekeeping tasks using the Zeevou hub. They can provide instructions that apply to a particular unit, which will be visible for all cleaning tasks related to that unit.

In case housekeepers encounter any technical issues with the app, they can use the Log Export icon to report them.

Additionally, the app offers a leave-of-absence request feature for housekeepers. When a leave request is submitted through the app, it will appear on the PMS for the host. The host can then accept or reject the request, and the housekeeper will receive the decision within the app.

Multi-Platform Support

Last but not least, the Zeevou housekeeping app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, supporting mobile and tablet devices.

As a vacation rental manager, it is crucial to showcase your property in the best possible way. And one effective approach is by selecting an advanced property management app. By doing so, you can leave a lasting impression on your guests and receive excellent reviews.

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