Zeevou 2023 Recap: A Year in Review


Welcome to the comprehensive Zeevou 2023 recap! This overview delves into the advancements of Zeevou through 2023, including a seamless transition from the Hub to the Web App and an enhanced calendar view. Join us as we explore Zeevou’s updates and achievements that have reshaped the landscape of property management in the digital sphere.

Enhancing User Experience with a New Web App Interface

In a remarkable stride forward, Zeevou evolved from its hub platform to a sleek, user-friendly web application. This change underscores our dedication to improving user experiences and incorporating valuable client feedback. The transition to the web app introduces an effortless, intuitive interface marked by a minimalist design. Prioritising simplicity while maintaining robust functionality, Zeevou’s updated web platform delivers a streamlined experience, providing users with an efficient layout.

The Mobile App Got a Boost for Housekeepers, Hosts, and Staff

Zeevou’s Mobile App has gone through a substantial update catering to housekeepers, hosts, and staff, enhancing efficiency and user convenience. 

For housekeepers, the app introduces a feature-rich version that allows hosts to seamlessly assign tasks, providing customisable default time estimates with priority settings. Task lists prioritise shorter tasks for quicker completion and prompt task start times based on priority. Facilitating smoother operations, the system alerts housekeepers about insufficient time or late finishes. Notably, it displays early check-ins, guest counts, access codes, and unit-specific instructions while enabling multimedia uploads like notes, photos, and videos. Additionally, housekeepers gain access to bed arrangements, ensuring meticulous preparation. 

Meanwhile, the host/staff version focuses on booking functionalities, enabling guest verification, making bookings, and creating blocked dates. The app’s unified inbox streamlines communication and offers templates for automated messages. Additionally, French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, and English languages are integrated into the app to switch between languages easily.

The Mobile App Got a Boost- Zeevou

Empowering Property Managers for Seamless Guest Interaction

As part of the Zeevou 2023 recap, it’s worth mentioning enhanced control over communication with guests. Hosts can effortlessly modify automated messages and pause them manually as needed on a per-booking basis. This way, they can ensure complete autonomy over their communication strategies.

Zeevou’s Auto-Responder has been further amplified for paid users, offering two distinct replies – one tailored for guests and another for enquiries. Users can precisely schedule messages, such as pre-stay notifications to set the stage for an exceptional guest experience, or post-stay messages aimed at soliciting feedback and fostering guest loyalty.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Made Simple

Zeevou’s Performance Report simplifies operational decision-making by offering interactive data visualisations of crucial KPIs. This intelligent dashboard consolidates information from various sources into user-friendly graphs and charts. You can customise KPI breakdowns by booking date, property name, unit type name, booking status, and channel. For in-depth analysis or sharing with tax consultants, you can easily export data to an Excel sheet as needed.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: KPIs Made Simple - Zeevou

Zeevou’s data analysis dashboard also provides a comprehensive overview of arrivals, departures, occupied units, revenue, and booking sources. You can customise the view to show data for today, this week, this month, this quarter, or this year.

Effortless Transition from Airbnb Listing to Direct Booking Website

Zeevou has streamlined website creation with an enhanced Instant Website Builder. It simplifies the transition from your Airbnb listing to a direct booking website. By inputting your Airbnb listing URL and then name, email address, and essential property details, you gain automatic access to your personalised direct booking website.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: New Calendar View

The Check-In Ready feature offers hosts a visual tracking tool, displaying the progress of each guest’s check-in journey. Using vibrant colours like green, yellow, or red, it indicates the status based on the guest’s progress through the check-in steps. This data is smoothly integrated into the bookings’ overall view and in the Arrival list. 

Additionally, hosts can access a detailed booking summary, adjust display settings, and conveniently search for specific bookings from the calendar.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: New Calendar View - Zeevou

Connection with Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals

Zeevou’s integration with Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals empowers you to effortlessly showcase your properties on Google. This integration significantly increases visibility, expanding your reach to a broader audience of potential guests. Moreover, being featured on Google not only enhances credibility but also instils trust, as it’s a widely trusted platform for travel searches. 

Improved Design for Direct Booking Website

In 2023, Zeevou underwent significant enhancements, notably in its Direct Booking Website‘s design. The introduction of a new Reviews section added greater credibility and transparency, allowing guests to share their experiences directly on the platform. You will have the option to choose and publish the feedback you like the most. Moreover, the newly designed property pages showcase a sleek blend of modern style and useful information by creating a more engaging and informative experience for users.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: Booking New Face

Through the newly designed overview tab, hosts can tailor the 5 steps of the check-in ready process. These include essential information including guest information, signing the terms and conditions, guest verification, payment processing, and security deposit.

You can also choose to provide check-in instructions depending on predetermined parameters automatically. For instance, when a guest completes steps such as signing the agreement, the check-in instructions are automatically dispatched. This simplifies the process by removing the need for creating unique rules for every case.

On the Messages tab, you have access to all scheduled and conditional automated messages. Additionally, you can check for any failed message deliveries.

Zeevou 2023 Recap: Booking New Face - Zeevou

iCal Implementation for Streamlined Combined Properties Management

Zeevou has taken a significant stride in optimising Combined Properties by introducing the implementation of iCals. It enables seamless connectivity between individual rooms and entire houses within its platform. This enhancement streamlines the management of combined properties, facilitating a unified system where each room and the entire property can efficiently sync information.

Enhanced Staff Access and Location Customisation

Zeevou’s new multi-access feature is a big step in making work more convenient for everyone involved. Now, businesses can easily set different levels of access for their staff, which ensures everyone has the right information securely. What’s cool is that Zeevou also lets you assign specific locations for your staff, considering their time zones and preferred date formats. This means that no matter where your team is, they can easily use the platform according to their local time.

What’s More?

Additional highlights for the Zeevou 2023 recap include:

  • Updated Booking and Task Dashboards: On the Booking dashboard, you’ll find lists for arrivals, settings, reviews, and a button to navigate to other listing grids. The Task dashboard offers housekeepers a clearer and more vibrant view of assignments and tasks.
  • Enhanced Notification System: Under the bell icon, you can enable notifications for bookings, tasks, finance, messages, tasks, and blocked dates across mobile, web, and email.
  • Create Listing Wizard: If you prefer not to import the listing from Airbnb, you have the option to create it manually from scratch.
  • Streamlined “Raise a Hand” System: The resolution time has been reduced. 
  • New Owner Profile Feature: Access for owners requires the creation of formal contracts by hosts. You can efficiently create a login profile and assign it to listings simultaneously, without the need for an investor deal to link the profile and listing. This feature is particularly beneficial for Glow users.
  • Tutorial Videos: Introduction of 15 New Tutorial Videos.

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