Zeevou Wins VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021

Zeevou Wins VRMB's Keystone Awards 2021

We are extremely pleased to announce that Zeevou was selected as one of the winners of the VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021. Zeevou was selected as the top performer in the Small- to Mid-Sized rental property management software (RPMS) category alongisde Hostfully and Avantio. Describing Zeevou as the best PMS and channel manager out there, the “New Kid On The Block”, the VRMB Awards page reads:

Zeevou is new to the scene and born to disrupt! They have a best-in-class distribution module, which connects directly with a variety of global channels (meaning you don’t need a channel manager). Zeevou also has a powerful CRM and can accommodate an impressive range of maturation needs (from 1 property to 1,000). This kind of breadth is very very unusual in a rental management software: if you haven’t heard of them, do a demo and see for yourself. 

VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021, Best Channel Manager and PMS for Vacation Rentals and Serviced Apartments

VRMB’s Keystone Awards Recognise Zeevou as Best Property Management System (PMS)

Below is an extract of the conversation between Matt Landau and Terry Whyte of VRMB in February 2021 when announcing Zeevou as the Best PMS and Channel Manager for vacation rental managers.

Matt Landau: Let’s move into our third and final property management software designed for small to mid-sized vacation rental managers. This is one that I’m pretty sure the vast majority of people will have never heard of before – it’s the one we’re calling “New Kid On The Block”: Zeevou -> The Direct Booking Revolution! We only learned about Zeevou fairly late into our research process, I would say like six months ago – would you say that’s about right?

Terry Whyte: Yes, yeah – I hadn’t heard of them until about that time – six months ago, yeah!

Matt Landau: And upon further exploration, they have, first of all just a world class distribution module, right?

Terry Whyte: They have the best distribution I’ve ever seen! They’re the best channel manager I’ve ever seen, and they’re not a channel manager, because they’re a PMS. But when you say channel management – if you’re connecting directly to the channel – you’re a channel manager so, so there’s – you know it’s – it might sound confusing, but it’s not. And they are the best channel manager I’ve ever seen.

Matt Landau: That is really impressive, especially for a relatively new company. They also have an incredibly strong CRM that is similar to Avantio in its ability to accommodate anybody from one property to 1000. That is a very unique characteristic, wouldn’t you say?

Terry Whyte: You will never find, ever, find, a better PMS for a person with one property. And I would call – I’d call Zeevou the story of the year!

Matt Landau: Wow!

Terry Whyte: You just think about it – if you look at their PMS – it’s like a year old. It would take people 5 years to build something like that, or more. To think that that’s a one year old PMS and it is that strong – that is just something to rave about.

Matt Landau: That is the story of the year! I love that! These three softwares Hostfully, Avantio, and Zeevou – sounds like I’m speaking a strange alien language almost – are just bringing unprecedented access to smaller vacation rental managers. So if you’re listening to this and you are a single property owner or a property manager of only a few properties – recognise that you have more power at your fingertips today than anybody in your position ever has before! And also, if you’re listening to this and you’re a larger vacation rental manager – these people are coming for you, right? These tools are allowing them to fly!

Terry Whyte: You know what? You know what Zeevou doesn’t like?

Matt Landau: What?

Terry Whyte: They don’t like plug and play. So you know – they do some plug and play – but it looks like they wanna build everything themselves. You know, and they think they can build it even better than the other third party softwares that’s out there. And this – well the software was created because the company – the guy‘s a genius, but he’s also a property manager – but the solution for him wasn’t out there, so he built it. To think that he build something like this in a year is just mind boggling.

Matt Landau: I would also like to learn what is the meaning of the name.

Terry Whyte: I have no idea! I was on a podcast yesterday and somebody was saying what’s with the name Zeevou and he said “We have it on our website – how many different ways to misspell Zeevou” and I have no idea where that came from.

Matt Landau: Wait, the actual a representative of the company doesn’t know where the name came from?

Terry Whyte: The creator, the owner, he created the software. He didn’t make – I’m sure he knows where it came from – but he didn’t say. Somebody asked the question but he didn’t say – he just said every different way to misspell Zeevou is on our website.

Matt Landau: Hahaha! I love it!

VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021 Review of Zeevou as Best Channel Manager and Rental Property Management Software

If you would like to find out more about Zeevou, winner of VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021 as Best Property Management System, feel free to explore our website or book a one-to-one demo.

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