Automated Operations for Property Management

Automated Operations for Property Management

Automation has become an integral part of almost every business since the beginning of the modern era because it takes over the labour which in older times humans had to undertake themselves with more focus on physical abilities. For just any business, automated operations can cover the tasks which are repetitive, labour intensive and time-consuming. The point is that most of the time, automated operations are done better compared to manual work. Besides that, automated operations are performed with fewer human errors. So you just need to set the task and forget about it. This really makes a revolutionary effect on businesses like vacation rentals or serviced apartments with lots of repetitive but important tasks. Here we show you how automated operations can make defining impacts on your short term rental business by virtue of automation and technology, saving time, energy and money.

Bread and Butter of Automated Operations

The essence of running a vacation rental business and the reason for its recent growth is the fact that it can be managed remotely. As long as you arrange a working basis for your vacation rental business, all you need to do is to sit back and make major decisions and scale your business. Automated operations leave the redundant workload to technology and free up your time and energy to be used in a more efficient way.

Property management automated operations can improve your accomplishments in multiple ways such as:

● reducing the chance of errors;

● causing better customer service;

● simplifying your daily communications;

● making your workflow easy and simple;

● bringing more visibility to your listings;

● getting rid of unnecessary and exhausting daily tasks;

● allowing you to focus on the parts that actually involve you and your staff’s capabilities.

Vacation Rental Management & Automated Operations

Vacation rental management is a multifaceted career. Managing a vacation rental or operating a serviced apartment implicate a wide range of tasks to take care of. You need to maintain the property in a good condition, advertise it, take reservations and prevent double bookings. Besides, you should delegate housekeepers and contractors, process payments and handle accounting paperwork, welcome guests and get reviews to better present your listings. Multiply all these tasks by the number of properties in different locations, and the workload increases exponentially.

Property management is inevitably full of repetitive and daily tasks. The moment your business starts to grow, the load of responsibilities can become overwhelming and frustrating. Using a well-designed automated operation management tool reduces the number of burdensome tasks, increasing trust and transparency of processes for both renters and staff members as they can easily follow the workflow you set. Automated operations enable you to build trust by making fewer mistakes, thus increasing the bottom line by saving you time and energy.

Property Management System (PMS) & Automated Operations

Property Management Systems are out there to bring more automation and features to the crucial aspects of vacation rental businesses. Based on the knowledge we have gained about the requirements of vacation rental businesses, a PMS should help in the automation of:

● Rate Setting

● Guest Communications

● Check-in & Check-out

● Booking Processing

● Housekeeping

● Maintenance

● Staff Management

While looking for a PMS to purchase, take a look at this list before making up your mind.

How Does Zeevou Help in Automated Operations?

Zeevou’s operations management can seamlessly automate the process of check-ins, check-outs, housekeeping, maintenance, event calendar, blocked dates, etc. These are all included in Zeevou’s subscription fee which makes the whole automation more feasible with the least cost.

You can follow up every step of the process or just leave it to the notifications to let you know when you should take actions. Just lean back and let the technology take care of all the coordination. Feel free to request a Free Demo to know more about this feature.

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