Overcoming Property Management Communication Challenges with Zeevou Solutions

Overcoming-Property-Management-Communication-Challenges-with-Zeevou-Solutions- Zeevou

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful property management. Hosts often face a myriad of communication challenges, from addressing guests’ concerns to coordinating tasks with staff members and maintaining transparent channels with property owners. In this context, communication technology and strategies are crucial tools for property managers. Advanced PMSes like Zeevou help hosts streamline operations and create a delightful experience for all involved in the hospitality journey.

Enhancing Guest Communication

Discussing the challenges of communication is a topic so multifaceted that even dedicating an entire day wouldn’t suffice. Every guest interaction is a unique story, often influenced by individual backgrounds, perspectives, and emotions. Let’s discover how Zeevou helps you conquer communication challenges with guests.

High Volume of Enquiries and Requests

#1. Vacation rental property managers often receive a high volume of enquiries and requests from potential and existing guests. This can make it difficult to keep up with all of the communication and ensure that everyone is getting the attention they need.

Overcoming Property Management Communication Challenges- Zeevou


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Here a cutting-edge PMS comes in handy by providing seamless guest communication via advanced features and integrations. Imagine effortlessly answering your guests’ questions before they even ask – that’s the power of Zeevou’s Automated Messaging.

You set up personalised templates to be sent via Email, SMS, or API messaging platforms at precisely the right moment. How? You create trigger rules tailored to your needs, specifying conditions that trigger these automated responses. You can even include attachments like check-in guides or invoices, ensuring your guests have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Craft a generic response or infuse it with personalised variables – the choice is yours!

But that’s not all. Zeevou takes guest communication to the next level with its integration with Guest Guru, your 24/7 assistant. Guest Guru tackles guest queries directly within the platform. Whether it’s questions about your property, the local area, or anything else under the sun, Guest Guru delivers prompt and informative responses, effortlessly eliminating any communication challenges.

Communicate the right information at the right time to your guests with Zeevou's Automated Messaging, by managing all your communications from one central platform.

Diverse Range of Communication Channels

#2. Guests may use several communication channels to contact their hosts, such as phone, email, text message, and online listing platforms. This can make it difficult to keep track of all conversations and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Zeevou’s Unified Inbox enables you to access all messages and emails from one central location. It gathers all your messages, including channel communications, guest enquiries, and text messages. So, you and your staff can effectively coordinate communications from one location in a unified inbox.

With Zeevou’s cutting-edge OTA Autoresponder, your replies become automatic and personalised. Whether it’s a pre-booking enquiry or a message from a guest on Airbnb, Zeevou’s autoresponder handles it with great precision. You have the power to customise your replies, deciding whether to send them instantly or at a scheduled time, tailored to your preferences. 

Language Barriers

#3. Navigating language barriers can pose a communication challenge for property managers when guests are not fluent in English. Effective communication becomes pivotal, and misunderstandings and frustrations can easily arise in such situations.

Zeevou allows you to set your guest country and your desired language in your automated message template. By customising your templates, you can effortlessly reach out to guests in their preferred language, making them feel valued and understood. Before sending your message, you can use the preview option to review the message. Plus, you’re not limited to plain text. You can elevate your communication with HTML, which enables you to add a touch of class with a customised header and footer.

Effective Communication with Staff

#4. For property management companies running hundreds and thousands of apartments or holiday homes, additional requirements are posed by having to manage field staff, such as housekeepers or those meeting guests upon arrival. Endless phone calls, WhatsApp conversations, and a lot of headaches may be required, and the result can still be far from satisfactory.

Here is the Zeevou solution to improve communication with your staff. Each Zeevou staff member and team comes with a designated forwarding email address. You can establish forwarding rules from your email/domain provider, ensuring that all incoming communications reach the right person or team directly. This method guarantees precise message delivery and restricts access to specific users as needed.

Zeevou allows all staff members to conveniently access their calendars and tasks via the responsive Web App. This streamlined approach significantly reduces back-to-back internal messages and eliminates communication challenges with staff.

Your cleaning crew can also manage their schedules, create tasks, report issues, and upload photos or videos of the property using Zeevou’s Housekeeping Mobile App.

Building Trust with Homeowners and Investors

#5. Homeowners’ trust in property managers can be fragile, often stemming from past negative experiences or a lack of clarity about financial management. To foster trust, hosts should prioritise transparency, honesty, and responsiveness when dealing with homeowners.

Zeevou’s Owner Portal provides real-time access for owners, landlords, and investors. Hosts have the flexibility to decide what information owners can view, whether it’s limited to financials or includes guest details.

Additionally, you have full control over how income, expenses, and add-on sales are divided between hosts and investors. You can create a customised formula to precisely calculate profits for all parties involved. By linking an investor profile with a deal template, you can replicate your property contract. This includes fixed payments or monthly management charges, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial agreements.

Zeevou’s invoices are meticulously crafted to align with your investor deal and guarantee precise allocation to the right accounts and tax schemas. The Monthly Profit Report also displays every income and expense split between you and your investors. This comprehensive financial snapshot allows owners to have a clear understanding of their property’s performance and offers complete transparency to investors. So, hosts won’t need to worry about communication challenges with landlords regarding finances or property performance.

Communication Challenges with owners and Landlords- Zeevou


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An All-in-One Tool

Zeevou is a world-class PMS that automates the online booking process and your Airbnb business management. Providing a unified system, Zeevou ensures that your distribution and marketing efforts are aligned.

Selecting a unified system also eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple companies. It means one-on-one communication with one partner, one support team, and one global community. 

Personalised Onboarding and Support

For you to make the most of the software on your own, you must become familiar with all of its features. Besides Free Demos for non-users, Zeevou’s skilled staff are available to take new users through the setup and training.

Time is of the essence when facing an issue or having a technical question. If there is a problem on our side, a couple of dedicated staff members will be there to support you. This way, you’ll know who to contact whenever you have a concern. 

Do you still need more information? Book a Free Demo to get answers to all your questions.

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