An Ultimate Guide on How to Automate Airbnb Management

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Knowing how to automate Airbnb operations is a key for all Airbnb Hosts to reach their first and foremost goal: having heads in beds with a high occupancy rate.

As a vacation rental operator, you deal with many issues and in order to cope with the workload, automating your work seems necessary. 

Besides, the vacation rental market is getting more competitive, which means the faster is the winner, and thus you need extra hands to stay in the game.

Running a property is a full-time job that could become overwhelming in the long term. So keep in mind that automation is helpful not only for property owners running multiple properties but also for those who manage a single rental business. Running your rental automatically also brings you more free time to focus on extending your portfolio and increasing profits, or otherwise spend it on what you really care about

Here are some tips you may find helpful if considering automating your Airbnb business.

What Are the Benefits of Airbnb Automation?

  • Working remotely: Automation gives you comprehensive control over your properties while you are not physically involved. So you can manage your rentals remotely from anywhere if you fully automate your Airbnb.
  • Saving time: By automation, you can allocate extra time to more important aspects of either your personal life or company scale. So you’ll be able to work more on your business rather than working in your business.
  • Increasing your revenue and output: When there are no more loads of management tasks, you can improve your work and plan better strategies that finally lead to raising revenue and productivity.
  • Growing your business: If you weren’t able to make more investments in the market due to the hassle of operating a couple of rentals, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Automation streamlines the management process, reduces your stress, and provides the confidence and extra time to run a larger portfolio.

The Fundamentals of Airbnb Automation

There are various automation options that you can consider by implementing some proper tools and systems. So let’s have a look at the different aspects of automating Airbnb management.

1. How to Automate Airbnb Guest Communication

Automated and fast response to guests’ inquiries increases your Airbnb management efficiency and builds a solid relationship with your guests. 

To have better communication and send your guest immediate responses, you can use automated messages and emails. 

With an automated system, you not only improve the customer service but also make sure that you distributed the important information. For example, you can schedule an email to be automatically sent a day before your guests’ arrival. It could contain your instructions, property amenities, Wifi password, or even a short local tour guide.

For your emails that contain essential information, you may consider using an email tracking service to ensure your messages have been read. It is also essential to respond to guest messages ASAP by sending either auto-messages or using prepared message templates.

No need to mention responding to guests’ reviews on the one hand, and reviewing them on the other hand, is critical but also time-consuming. Therefore, review auto-replies can remove the hassle of extra work and improve your response rate as well as your Airbnb super host status. However, a fully automated response may not be a good option, especially for negative reviews, as they usually need unique answers.

2. How to Automate Airbnb Pricing Management

Demand in the hospitality industry has a lot of fluctuations. Thus you need to follow the market trends efficiently and set your nightly rates based on the market fluctuations to increase your profit margin.

Here, dynamic pricing comes to your help by automating the process of data analysis and optimal pricing calculation. Various pricing tools are used for vacation rentals that can easily integrate with your Airbnb listing. They also facilitate price optimisation by considering market-related data and your competitors’ pricing strategies.

Airbnb offers a pricing software, Airbnb Smart Pricing, which you may find useful in managing your nightly rates. However, due to the limitations of Airbnb Smart Pricing, you can apply other dynamic pricing tools, such as Wheelhouse, Beyond, and PriceLabs, that can integrate with Airbnb.

3. How to Automate Airbnb Cleaning and Housekeeping

As you are responsible for providing a perfect stay for your guests, you must always make sure that your َAirbnb property looks spotless. Thus, it will leave you with extra work if you don’t consider automated cleaning. If you fancy hands-free management of your cleaning duties, housekeeping and cleaning software make your dream come true.

You can pre-set cleanings with a housekeeping tool and inform your cleaners by automatic messages after every guest check-out. Moreover, you can easily get in touch with your crew and be informed about property damages or missing items immediately to take fast and proper action.

Automation relieves you from the hustle and bustle of housekeeping tasks, improves customer service, and brings more five-star reviews.

4. How to Develop a Smart Building 

Having a fully automated property costs you some but gives you the luxury of advanced operation as well as an enhanced guest experience. Here you can find some tips regarding smart facilities that a property could have, which can easily be controlled by your smartphone.

Smart locks

Using keyless entry systems, such as electronic and smart locks, can make the check-in process contactless and straightforward. You can set entry codes or scannable codes generated automatically for each guest.


You can control the room temperature by implementing smart heaters and coolers. Consequently, your accommodation will always have a decent temperature. Your guests also don’t have to deal with adjusting temperature and put themselves and your property in danger. 

Additionally, other equipment like motion sensors for light turn on/off, and water leak and carbon monoxide sensors can prevent damages and save you money.

Security Cameras

A perfect smart building is a property equipped with security cameras. Outdoor cameras increase your accommodation safety and give you the ability to monitor guests’ check-in/out and the performance of your cleaning crew.

5. The Necessity of Employing a PMS and Channel Manager

If you have listed your properties on multiple platforms, you are aware of the risk of double-booking. Besides, remote management of separate rental properties can turn into a real headache. 

A PMS gives you this opportunity to put every aspect of running a short-term rental on autopilot. Along with PMS, a channel manager also connects your listings in a hub and makes them manageable from a single dashboard. Syncing your calendars across different platforms, a channel manager keeps your calendar updated and away from overbooking.

Do you have any other suggestions regarding how to automate Airbnb management? Please share it with us in the comments.

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