How to Get Ready for Vacation Rental Peak Season?

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Peak season is a significant period in which you can amplify your vacation rental revenue. Although you don’t need to convince the visitors to book your property during this period, you shouldn’t sit back and relax. Not only should you handle large group reservations, but you should also promote your rental. Hence, it is imperative to improve your efficiency and proactivity to reap the benefits of your peak season.

Here are some helpful, practical tips for applying and getting ready for the peak season.

What Is Peak Season?

The peak season is the period with high demand, during which you can charge higher prices. This season differs from country to country or even from region to region. If your property is located on beach areas, the high season is during the summer months, and if it is situated on snowy mountains, the peak season is in the winter. 

In addition, local festivals, holidays, and special events that attract tourists to your region can be considered high seasons.  

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Tips to Prepare for Your Peak Season 

Evaluate Your Strategies and Regulations

To get more bookings during the peak season and stand out in a saturated market, you need to audit your strategies and regulations. Analysing the approach of other vacation rental businesses and reviewing your guests’ feedback can lead to new ways. 

This process enables you to understand the gaps in your business and make defining changes. For instance, you can adjust your nightly rate, provide more charming photos of the property, or give special offers. 

Expand Your Visibility and Reach

A great way to increase your occupancy rate during the peak season is to list your rentals on multiple vacation rental websites. This will enhance your exposure and help you reach potential guests. 

Handling multiple listings on several vacation rental websites is complicated, so a professional channel manager can make this process hassle-free. To prevent overbookings, a channel manager will push all your listings on multiple OTAs, automatically update your property rates and availability, and sync your calendars across all listing channels. 

Channel managers have different forms. Some provide 2-way API integrations that allow for data exchange between platforms in real-time, while others use iCals that allow storing or exchanging calendaring information with other apps or software, but syncing comes with significant delays 

Moreover, you can gain more visibility via building your Direct Booking Website and uploading your listings on Zeevou Direct (you can advertise all your properties for free). Your own website provides great opportunities to start a conversation directly with your audience and build trust.

Grab the Attention of Your Guests

Before the high season is a great time to reach out to your past guests as they might be planning for their trips. You can take care of this by sending out a newsletter and reminding them of your property’s enjoyable and cosy experience. You can also promote your vacation rental with a special discount offer. 

Automate the Tasks

It is imperative to reduce your workload and increase efficiency during the peak season. To realise the goal, automating the process is a crucial factor. Not only applying technology in your business can speed up the process, but it can also minimise human errors. 

Some tasks that could be automated include Booking Confirmation Process, Guest Vetting, Payments, sending out Automated Messages, updating your booking calendar, Maintenance, and Cleaning

Moreover, not only does installing smart locks streamline Check-ins and check-outs, but it can also keep you and your guests healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The  best Property Management System (PMS) will automate all the above tasks in one central place. Hence, choosing a suitable PMS will facilitate all your short-term business areas. 

Be Available for Your Guests

Responding to your guests’ queries is crucial. You should pay attention to your guests’ requests and needs. Automated messages, chatbot and FAQ pages will help you keep communications with your guests open.

Besides, setting house rules in advance and providing comprehensive descriptions and accurate photos will avoid repetitive questions and save you time during the high season.

Get Ready to Greet Your Guests

Your guests must experience an unforgettable stay. That being the case, you need to prepare everything before their arrival. To do so, make a welcome basket and vacation rental guidebook and create your rental agreement.

Besides that, clean your rental in the available time slot, and also don’t forget to do a thorough cleaning before the high season. Contracting out cleaning services to do a deep cleaning for inside and outside areas will prevent guest complaints and improve your guests’ experience. They should clean your kitchen cabinet, wash underneath appliances, wipe down light fixtures, clean out aerators, remove cobwebs, and power wash the patio and porch. 

Moreover, you should check the safety and security of your property—for instance, audit the fire extinguisher, heating, and cooling system. 

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Promote Your Properties

The vacation rental business is expanding quickly, so you should make your business stand out. You can offer a special welcome without additional cost by buying a small gift for guests who celebrate birthdays during the peak season. In addition, you can provide a special discount which lasts for a particular period or add extra services such as a complimentary breakfast. Implementing these strategies will impress the audience and encourage them to book. 

Now, you know how to get ready for the peak season. Follow these tips and practices to boost your occupancy rate and annual profit. Let us know what other tips you have during the vacation rental peak season that we can add to this list.

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