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While searching for the right PMS and/or channel manager for your vacation rentals or serviced apartments, chances are your options will be narrowed down to Zeevou and Tokeet, two famous property management systems and channel managers. Tokeet is an established brand in the industry and benefits from a large clientele. Zeevou is a younger solution, known for its long list of automation tools and diverse features, as well as the promotion and implementation of direct booking through the toolbox it has innovated.

Comparing two multi-faceted systems is difficult and time-consuming. After going through the reviews of both Zeevou and Tokeet, we tried to capture as much information as possible to present an analysis of the most important aspects in each. To collect reviews and first-hand stories, Zeevou asked some of its current customers (Partner Hosts) who used Tokeet as a PMS in the past. We have also checked Capterra reviews. We aimed to find some hidden inadequacies that may never come to surface in marketing hustle and bustle to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Lack of Dedicated Support

Comparing PMS and channel manager solutions, you may hardly recognise some major and subtle aspects which are normally quite impactful to the efficient performance of your vacation rental, serviced apartment, aparthotel, or hotel business.

Property Management Systems are multi-faceted platforms which help you manage the operation of several aspects of your hospitality business. The diversity and variety make them look complicated and the right choice challenging. If you are moving from a PMS to a new one, the process of transition might become exhausting. Training is also a necessity, and a process which requires constant communication until you can run the software smoothly and confidently.

An unresponsive support team is among the hidden facts that show up right after you subscribe to a PMS and/or a channel manager. Late and unhelpful responses to technical issues would cause a huge loss because a corporate traveller or a family booking an accommodation for their vacation cannot wait for the host to settle an issue with their PMS support team.

In this article, you will find a brief description of Zeevou, as well as of Tokeet. Then, you will be provided with some reviews from credible sites such as Capterra and Softwareadvice , followed by a detailed study of Zeevou vs Tokeet.

Tokeet: Property Management System

Tokeet defines its mission as an effort to develop software solutions that make short-term rental management easy and fun. Tokeet is a web application that helps in the management of vacation rental properties.

The founder of Tokeet started establishing online solutions after realising that there is no simple solution to help him manage his vacation rentals.

Tokeet has created in-application contextual help to present all the key features of its system. There are also video tutorials available to learn more about the features, both for sake of marketing and as a training database. And if these come to no avail, and you have not received your answer, you can contact the Tokeet support team within the application. Tokeet sees its support system as its strongest point and sales pitch. According to Tokeet, “Customer Support Is Our Killer Feature.”

Tokeet’s low price is amongst its top advantages. Tokeet initially provides you with some basic functionalities found in most PMSes. However, to get your hands on more advanced features, you should pay for its supplementary schemes like Automata.

What Does Zeevou Do as a PMS?

Zeevou automates all aspects of hospitality management in one unified hub. Zeevou was also born because of Na’ím Anís Paymán’s seeing the inadequacies of property management systems and channel managers available in the market. As a serviced apartment operator with properties across the UK and Europe, he had to wrestle with day-to-day operations of his business while no PMS, channel manager, and booking engine was able to meet his needs and expectations.

Zeevou promises a platform to help bring about The Direct Booking Revolution! Zeevou Direct , a commission-free direct booking platform, is the real life reflection of the slogan. It is directly integrated with Zeevou and is updated in real-time every time a slightest change is made in the backend. Zeevou Direct is intended to help vacation rental owners and serviced apartment operators to get rid of the huge amounts they have to pay to OTAs and property listing sites in the form of commissions.

Zeevou has a dedicated support team (Partner Success Team) and offers onboarding and training sessions , which are all free and for lifetime. Zeevou has different ways of support, including "Raise a Hand" in Zeevou Hub, Whatsapp, Chat, Help Centre, etc.

Some of the unique features of Zeevou are listed below:

  1. Automated Booking Processing
  2. Operations Management
  3. Direct Booking Website
  4. Automated Payments
  5. Real-time Reporting

Channel Manager

Zeevou’s channel manager offers 2-way API integrations with over two hundred (200+) external channels, ranging from OTAs to property listing sites. Using Zeevou, the rates and
Tokeet has two types of connection for channels: API ( Airbnb, and Expedia) and iCal.
N.B changes in availability are instantly sent into your

Creating Rental

Two ways of creating rentals in Zeevou:
 1. API connections which allow you to import listings from Airbnb and others
 2. Manually typing data
Each rental in Tokeet corresponds with a listing in channels. You can have different channels connected to the same rental in Tokeet to ensure that your calendar gets synchronised everywhere.


Zeevou has developed two different calendars.
 1. Zeevou Occupancy Calendar
Zeevou Cal is the module in which you can find the Zeevou Occupancy Calendar. It shows:
There are different calendar views in Tokeet, beginning with Multi-Calendar.
The multi calendar allows you to see all of your rentals on the same screen that add events simply

Automated booking

Zeevou operates the booking process by its one-of-a-kind 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process smoothly. All bookings made via Zeevou go through a 5-step confirmation journey.
Automata in Tokeet has been developed to provide a certain amount of automation. It automates activities from Check-in to Check-out. You get a workflow of tasks organised by Automata to provide a list of all the services needed for a reservation received. Check Automata here.

Setting Rates

Zeevou enables you to set different aspects related to the price of your listings.
 1. Dynamic pricing Tools: Should you wish to automate market monitoring and rate setting
There are 4 different rate types in Tokeet:
 1. Base Rate, which is required for each rental, when there is no promotion available.

Automated Emails

Trigger Rules for  Automated Emails: In Zeevou, you can set trigger rules to send automated emails using templates that are made ready for you. You can also modify the templates
Message templates in Tokeet enable you to create multiple message templates for communications you routinely have with your guests and prospective guests.


Zeevou provides different customised reports like Booking Incomes Report, Sales Reports in different intervals, Monthly Profit Report, Occupancy Percentage, Bills Reports, Refunds Reports.

Record of Guests’ Email addresses

To boost direct bookings, Zeevou builds up a database of real email addresses for all of your guests. Real email addresses are automatically collected when the guest confirms

Setup, Training, and Support

Zeevou does not charge any money for setup (onboarding), data migration, training and support. Zeevou is committed to offering online support forever and for free. Zeevou also imports your
Set Up: Tokeet will assign you a technical consultant who'll set up your Tokeet account. Depending on the number of your rentals and the complexity of setup, Tokeet can also waive all implementation fees.

Hidden fees

There are no hidden fees for subscribing to Zeevou. You only need to pay separately for the software you want to be integrated with Zeevou. Onboarding and training sessions in Zeevou are totally free.
You need to pay extra for special services like Automata. You have to pay for set up and implementation too.

Staff management

Among the services Zeevou offers are:
 • Record of Holiday and Sick Leaves
 • Creating Groups of Staff Members
 • Detailed Housekeeping Schedule

Dynamic Pricing

Zeevou is integrated with PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing.These tools generate variable price ranges for different days of the year, and you can push rates to different channels from
Rategenie is a dynamic pricing application in which, according to Tokeet website, its algorithm takes the guesswork out of getting the most revenue for your rentals. You can use

Mobile App (For Guests and Staff)

Mobile app for housekeepers is live. However, staff and investors can log in on a mobile responsive web app for the time being.
With Tokeet Mobile App, your housekeeping staff can check in at any rental assignment and see notes and instructions about what needs to get done. You can check your messages and respond to guests, manage your rates, and review your calendar.

Group Booking


Zeevou has a new pricing strategy. Under the new strategy, you will pay less per unit or rooms as the number of your units/rentals increases. Zeevou’s pricing packages differ
Tokeet pricing depends on the number of rentals. For 1 rental you need to pay USD9.99 per rental / per month. The more rentals you have, the less you will pay to Tokeet.


In Zeevou, we offer a full website with custom pages and a built-in blog section.The customisable website generated for you is heavily SEO-friendly. You have all the SEO meta fields
Tokeet website builder makes a mobile responsive website.
To create a new website navigate to Website, and select Rental Website, on the subsequent

Unified Inbox

You can import all your emails with Zeevou Chat, whether they come from an OTA and relate to a booking, or they are general enquiries about your services from an owner.
You are going to receive inquiries, bookings and cancellations which are shown up in Tokeet Inquiry Inbox. You can filter the inquiries by rentals, by source (which includes all the

Automations/ Triggers

In Zeevou, the options are unlimited with the fully customisable trigger rules and variable-based templates.
Triggers can be used to notify you and your guests via email or SMS when a new booking is received. Before creating a trigger you need to build a message template.

Zeevou or Tokeet?

Tokeet is a Vacation Rental Management Software offering tools for channel management, rental automation, owner management, and more. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then Tokeet is the right one for you. However, you should always bear in mind that most of the time you need to compensate for the cheap price you pay. Unresponsive support and weak technical help are pressing issues to seriously think about. Tokeet is cheap, and it charges its subscribers more for letting them use more advanced features.

Zeevou has developed several functionalities which make you geared for growth. Zeevou believes that all the features released so far function smoothly and properly. Zeevou also cares about your benefits and has developed direct booking tools. So by paying Zeevou, you are armed to grow, pay less to OTAs and scale your business. For example, Zeevou offers essential tools to gather guests’ real email addresses for email marketing. Zeevou’s unique features stimulate direct bookings. Zeevou offers unlimited and free support forever. It does not charge you for setup and training either. You pay once, and Zeevou is committed to providing you with all the features it develops and enhances over time . Moreover, there are several aspects that Zeevou is more advanced in comparison with Tokeet:

  • Security deposits
  • Direct booking website
  • Profit breakdowns
  • Cleaning app
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Promotions with voucher codes
  • Booking confirmation process
  • Centralised templates with property variables
  • 3D secure links for payments
  • More channels
  • Zeevou Direct
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