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Zeevou FAQs

  • What does Scheduled for Cancellation do?

    Scheduled for Cancellation allows you to resell the night and keep track of which bookings you still need to cancel on the OTA. You can find to the list of the bookings scheduled for cancellation in Zeevou Book-> Scheduled for Cancellation

  • How can I generate a secure payment link for a customer for an add-on via Zeevou ?

    If you add an add-on to a booking you can use the payment link to collect payment.

  • How can I change invoice colors?

    Please note that the colors shown in your invoice is based on the ones you set in Zeevou Set-> Design Customisation.

    This image shows the effective fields of Design Customisation in invoice choice of colors.
    This is a sample invoice that shows how the effective fields will be reflected in the invoice.
    This is a guide of sample presented invoice.

  • Why a unit type is not shown in the Rates and Availability Calendar?

    When you create a new unit type, you should make sure that it has at least one unit under that. Otherwise, the rates can not be pushed to OTAs and the website. (You can’t map the unit type)

    So go to Zeevou Hut-> Unit Type and choose the unit type. Then in the unit section click on +add unit.

  • How can I check my final version of email templates?

    To fully preview what an email template will look like, open a booking, click on More Actions on the top right, then select Send Email. In the pop-up that opens, select the appropriate template and choose Apply. You can expand the preview to full screen by clicking on the symbol with 4 arrows pointing to 4 diagonal corners in the controls above the body field.

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