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How can I customise a grid view?

You can personalise the grids in two ways: columns and the content.

How to customise columns:

Step 1: Open the grid.

Step 2: Click on the gear sign at the top right corner of the grid.

Step 3: You can deselect the columns you don’t want to see, or use the arrows to change their order.

How to customise the content:

Step 1: Click on the funnel on the top right corner of the grid.

Step 2: Choose the filters to see the content you want to see. For example, if you want to see active trigger rules, choose Active filter as Yes.

Step 3: Click on Option next to the title of the grid and click on Save As.

Step 4: Choose a title. For example, Active Trigger Rules. You can set this view as the default.

NOTE: If you want to remove this view, click on the Option and delete.

NOTE: If you share it with others, other staff can choose this view too.



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