How can I differentiate Add-Ons?

There are four Add-On reference types:

1- Channel Add-Ons: 

If the add-on is automatically created according to your rate plan on your website or received from channels, it will be listed as Channel Add-ons.

Channel add-on

2- Admin (Rate Plan) Add-Ons:

If a booking has been created manually and its add-on comes from a rate plan, it’s called an Admin (Rate Plan) Add-on.Admin (Rate Plan)

Create Booking

3- Admin (Manual) Add-Ons: 

If the user adds any add-on to the created booking, it’s known as an Admin (Manual) Add-on. Admin (Manual)

Admin (Manual) Add-Ons

4- Upsell Add-Ons:

 If add-ons come from the confirmation process (by guests), they are listed as Upsell Add-ons.Upsell add-ons

Upsell Add-Ons

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