How can I finalise a booking?

When you finalise a booking, the status is set to Finalised, the security deposit is released, the invoice is marked as Completed and is posted it to your accounting software like Xero if you have connected one. As of this point, the booking becomes uneditable.

To finalise a booking, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Tasks->Departures.

Step 2: In the Checked Out section, click on the tick at the end of the row of the booking.

NOTE: If you haven’t ticked Auto Check-Out Bookings box in Preferences > Organisation Confuguration, you will need to manually check bookings out before you can finalise them. You can check a guest out by clicking on the sign on the right of the row in the grid titled Pending Check-out.  You can then finalise the booking by clicking the symbol in the right of the row under the Checked-out grid.


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