How can I get informed of Overbooking/Unmapped Booking?

You will get informed of Overbooking/Unmapped Booking via email if you activate their related template and trigger rules.

There is a Default Template known as Admin 3: Overbooking and Admin 6: Unmapped Booking under Inbox -> Templates:Overbooking/Unmapped Booking Inbox template

In order for the email to get sent via email, go to Inbox -> Trigger Rules:

1- The Active status should be Yes. If it’s set as No, click on the pencil next to No to change it to Yes.Overbooking/Unmapped Booking related template and trigger rules.

2- Click on the three dots on the right to Edit.You should click on the Add button to insert the email addresses of  Zeevou Users and/or Custom Emails which you want to be informed of Overbooking/Unmapped Booking. Finally, click Save and Close.

Admin 3: Overbookingtrigger rules overbooking notify


Admin 6: Unmapped Booking:trigger rules unmapped booking notify

Note: Please Raise a Hand if you wish to make further changes in any of these templates and triggers.

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