How can I have separate invoices for cloned bookings?

You can use Clone option, if you want to make a booking for your previous guest. This way you don’t need to enter all the details from scratch. You may prefer to create separate invoices for the upcoming bookings.

Step 1:Log into app.zeevou.com and click on the settings gear icon and select Settings. Then, you will be redirected to your Organisation Configuration. Under Invoice & Xero Configuration, select Generate Separated Invoice for Cloned Bookings box.

Step 2: Click on Save button.

Step 3: After enabling the option in Organisation Configuration, , separate invoices will be generated when you clone a booking.

Step 4: On the booking page, click under the orange button Finance and Download PDF Invoice option to have access to invoices in one PDF file.

NOTE: You also have access to separate PDF files of the invoices under the  Finance and Guest Invoices and you can send them separately to the guest. 

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