How can I set up add-ons?

You can charge your guests for services or products with Add-ons. The add-on type creates a default price for the add-ons. You need to open the unit type and create add-ons in the rate plan. There you can add different sales and purchase prices to the rate plans.  If you add the add-ons to the Rate Plans, guests will be charged automatically when they book directly. You can add them manually to the bookings too.

How to set an add-on

Step 1: Choose a name. For example, Deep Cleaning or Pet Fee.

NOTE: It’s necessary to fill out all the items with asterics(*) .

Step 2: Add the Marketing Name. It is what your guests can see on the website.

Note: If you are adding a cleaning fee, please add the Add-on Name in the Channel as Cleaning Fee. 

Step 3: Select the Add-On Type Category from the dropdown. If you can not find the category you have in mind, click on the Plus and add it.

Step 4: Select the Related Expense Type from the dropdown. The Default Purchase Price will be recorded under this Expense Type in the financial reports. If you can not find the category you have in mind, click on the Plus and add it.

Step 5: Select the Charge Type from the dropdown.

NOTE: Only ‘per night’ add-ons are added to the price pushed to channels. You cannot add other types of add-ons to rate plans that are synced to Channels.

Step 6: Select the Price Type. For example, you can select “Percent of Total Price” for a tax add-on.

NOTE: If you select Percent of Total Price, you should add Sale Percents Of Total Price (the amount you want to charge your guests) and Purchase Percents Of Total Price (your expense) 

Optional Features:
  • If you tick the boxes for Default for Nightly/ Weekly/ Monthly, it means when you make a new rate plan this Add-on type will be added automatically. Here you can set a default rate, but you can change it when you add a new rate plan in the unit type.

For Extended Bookings/ Split Bookings

NOTE: If you want to keep the add-on only for the original booking, don’t select any of the choices. However, if you want to add the add-on to the extended/split booking just select
If you select both choices, it means the add-on is removed from the main booking and is added to the extended on.
Step 7: Set the Default Sales Price. This is the amount you want to charge your guest for a service or a product.

Step 8: Set the









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