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Supposing that you are a vacation rental owner, being involved in the property management industry, chances are that you have used a Channel Manager, a Property Management Software, and/or a booking engine. You might be looking for the best possible tools to start your short term business or you are thinking about trying a new solution. Either way, you’ll be more than likely to experience difficulty choosing the best option. A whole lot of pros-and-cons-weighing is required.

While seeking the solutions, all demos look great. But once you sign up, you quickly notice that all that glisters is not gold! You might not distinguish between the existing tools and features unless you have used a PMS or a channel manager in the past. In addition, you find all the features checked while exploring the existing solutions’ webpages. In a series of short articles, Zeevou will be comparing the features and functionalities of other providers against its own in a fair manner. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the PMS and/or channel manager that best suits your requirements as a property manager. These product comparison posts aim to provide a detailed aspect-centric comparison. In an aspect-centric comparison, we review how these systems perform in some aspects.

The Problem of Hidden Facts

Comparing PMS solutions, you hardly recognise some aspects which are normally quite impactful to performance of your vacation rental business. Hidden fees and unresponsive support team are two of the main ones in that list. Hidden fees might become a considerable portion of all your expenses. Late or unresponsive support teams will make severe consequences such as loss of bookings and revenue. In this article, we would like to provide you with the facts collected through review sites such as Capterra and Softwareadvice, as well as detailed study of Zeevou vs Newbook.


NewBook was founded in 2010 by Brad Illich to provide a cloud based Property Management Software, especially for RV parks and resorts. NewBook keeps updating and its PMS’s new interface proves its urge to keep up with new trends. Its online booking solutions, 2 Way SMS and Email Inbox, Paperless Check In and Mobile apps for guests are amongst its top features. NewBook provides a lot of different reports for checking revenue, bookings and staff performance. NewBook also enables the user to set different kinds of surveys with smart detection of keywords to optimise the VRO’s businesses. Currently, NewBook has employees across Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Zeevou is an easy-to-use online platform that automates all aspects of hospitality management, from marketing, to bookings, to operations in a single unified hub. Zeevou was born out of Na’ím Anís Paymán’s short term rental business result as he saw the inadequacies of property management systems and channel managers in the market.

Zeevou claims that it has devised a platform to bring about The Direct Booking Revolution! Some of the unique features of Zeevou are listed below:

  1. 5-Step Booking Confirmation Process to automate the booking process.
  2. Reduction of operational management headaches with Zeevou Do.
  3. More direct bookings through Zeevou Show’s SEO-friendly website.
  4. Management of direct payments, deposit pre-authorization and its automatic release.
  5. Customised reports

Channel Manager

Zeevou’s channel manager connects to over two hundred (200+) external channels, ranging from OTAs to property listing sites. Zeevou has a built-in channel manager
The integrated channel manager of NewBook allows you to manage your listings on OTAs, pushing rates and avoiding overbooking. The cost of booking through

Creating Rental


Zeevou has developed two different calendars. Zeevou Cal is the module in which you can find the Zeevou Occupancy Calendar. It shows all the reservations of
NewBook’s PMS calendars are pretty simple. Actually the calendar is dedicated to each month’s occupancy and there is the possibility of editing guest’s information or making a quote in place.

Automated booking

Zeevou operates the booking process by its one-of-a-kind 5-Step Booking Confirmation
Booking process is quite simple. Guests have to select their room based on availability on the website. Selling Add-Ons and Activities helps upselling and is

Setting Rates

Automated Emails

In Zeevou, you can set trigger emails and make customised automated templates. You can set an email template for check-in and check-out instructions, as well as other purposes.
In NewBook, you can set trigger emails and create customised automated templates.


Zeevou provides different customised reports like Booking Incomes Report, Sales Reports in different intervals, Monthly Profit Report, Occupancy Percentage, Bills Reports, Refunds Reports.
NewBook provides a lot of different reports like the Performance tab, which shows revenue received, cancelled bookings and all bookings made. Likewise, the Staff Statistics tab shows who is performing most

Record of Guests’ Email addresses

To boost direct booking, Zeevou builds up a database of real email addresses for all of your guests. Real email addresses are automatically collected when the guest

Setup, Training, and Support

Zeevou does not charge any money for setup (onboarding), data migration, training and support. Zeevou is committed to offer online support forever and for free. Zeevou
Setup, training and support all cost a noticeable amount of money with NewBook. For the operation of one hundred units, NewBook charges £90.00/hour for training

Hidden fees

There is no hidden fee for subscribing to Zeevou. You only need to pay separately for the software you want to be integrated with Zeevou.
NewBook charges you some fees according to the table below per booking/transaction.

Staff management

Record of Holiday and Sick Leaves, creating Groups of Staff Members, detailed Housekeeping Schedule, Mid-stay Housekeeping Task Generation, and
By defining a task, a staff member can be assigned and notified via email, SMS or NewBook notification.

Dynamic Pricing

Zeevou is integrated with PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing. These tools generate variable price ranges for different
IDeaS is integrated with the NewBook PMS system to make rates adaptable and dynamic. Setting the rates in NewBook also includes different options with different rates

Mobile App (For Guests and Staff)

Mobile app for housekeepers is live. However, staff and investors can log in on a mobile responsive web app.
NewBook has developed mobile apps for guests and staff.

Group Booking

With Zeevou, it is possible to create group bookings. Group booking is very handy to save time and minimise human error for making reservations for a group of people at once in several units/rooms.


Zeevou has recently put into place a new pricing strategy. The more units or rooms you have, the less you will have to pay per unit for Zeevou’s subscription. There’s a
Customised Quote


Unified Inbox

Automations/ Triggers

Zeevou or NewBook?

Zeevou includes more functionalities if you are operating a vacation rental business with many properties or you are planning to expand. The geographic hierarchy of Zeevou which organises the properties in multi-country, multi-city, and unit type grouping categories are quite new between property management systems. If the business is the operation of properties in different locations, this option is what you’ll need. Unit type grouping is also useful in case you have a property including similar units, so you can define a unit type and enter information for the unit type which can be applied to the other rooms in the group. Gathering guests’ real email addresses for email marketing is very unique to Zeevou, stimulating direct booking. Zeevou provides unlimited and free support and it does not charge you for setup and training. Its new pricing packages are also particularly designed for the benefit of the owners and managers with many units. The more you put in Zeevou’s trust, the less you pay and it is always cheaper when you ask for an annual subscription.

Zeevou does not charge you by hidden fees. Zeevou is committed to offer online support forever and for free.

NewBook is a cloud-based solution to streamline management processes of hotels, holiday parks/camps, apartments/villas, motels, hostels, student accomodations, permanent residentials, marinas, etc. To manage all different types of accommodations the software must be very comprehensive, based on a very accurate study of all those requirements. According to one of the reviews recorded at Softwareadvice is about lack of some features related to maintenance and management of assets which are unique to vacation rentals and different from typical motels or caravan parks. There were a complaint related to poor support and also one recorded about direct connections to mostly Australian based channels. The good point is that Newbook has a section dedicated to feature suggestions.

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