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How can I change the confirm booking button colour in the template?

Open the template, click on Source code (<>) and search for “Confirm Booking” in the page with the help of ctrl + f (in Mac cmd + f).You will need to find the color code, replace it with the new color code, hit Ok and press Save button in order to apply the changes.

How can I change cleaning fee for Airbnb?

Go to Zeevou Hut -> Property Go to Channel Manager Config. Click on plus + on the gray area. When the mapped channels appear, click on “map” in front of Airbnb. click on edit sign. A new pop up window appears. Go to Listing Rooms Page and change the cleaning fee.

What does Scheduled for Cancellation do?

Scheduled for Cancellation allows you to resell the night and keep track of which bookings you still need to cancel on the OTA. You can find to the list of the bookings scheduled for cancellation in Zeevou Book-> Scheduled for Cancellation

How can I change invoice colors?

Please note that the colors shown in your invoice is based on the ones you set for your brand in Zeevou Set-> Design Customisation. To find the hex code for a your preferred colors, you can use link. Below image shows the effective fields of Design Customisation in your invoice choice of colors: Below you can …

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How can I verity guest ID?

Id verification is not automatically done in Zeevou. This step is there so that you can make sure all the gathered information (the signature or the ID) is correct. When everything is approved, you should go to Guest Verification section in Booking view page and click on the red thumb and make it green. This …

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How to remove an add-on from invoice?

If you want to delete an add-on from the invoice, you should take the following steps: Go to Booking view page, Scroll down to Add-on Section, Click on the three dots at the end of the row Click on the trash bin. The Add on will be deleted from the invoice.

How can I set Signable email to be sent?

Go to Zeevou Set -> Organisation Configuration. Scroll down to Signable Account. You can choose when you want the email to be sent by choosing from the dropdown “Send Signable After”.

How do I know if Signable has sent T&C to the guest?

Go to Booking View page (Zeevou Book-> click on the name of the guest), and go to the Geust Verification section. If in front of Terms and Conditions it is written Created, it means Signable has already sent the terms and conditions.

How can I block dates on my availability calendar?

In order to block certain dates on your calendar go to Zeevou Sell-> Blocked Dates -> Create Blocked Dates Choose the property/unit and set the dates and time. You can add a reason for your future reference.

How can I capture security deposit?

In order to capture security deposit, go to booking view page, click on Finance and choose Capture Security Deposit. Then enter the amount you want to capture and confirm.

How can I change my Signable template?

If you would like to make any modifications to your Signable Template, please make the changes in your Signable account to the template and then copy/paste the exact name of the modified template in Zeevou Set/ Organisation Configuration/ Signable Template title. 

How can I close my account?

On the top right of page, click on My Contract. In the opened page of contract, click on Cancel Subscription button.

How can I remove the imported iCal link?

In Zeevou Sell-> Blocked Dates, click on Manage Calendar Import button. In the opened page, choose your preferred imported option and click on Edit button. Remove the tick from Active iCal Import box and save the page.

How far in advance does Zeevou open up the calendars on OTAs?

Zeevou sends 720 days of update in terms of availability & rates to channels. However, each OTA accepts updates on a different basis. Most of the OTAs accept 365 days of availability but some of the OTAs like Expedia, & Airbnb support 500 days of updates.

How can I disconnect from Xero?

Under Zeevou Set -> System Integrations, scroll to Xero and click on Disconnect from Xero. You will see the red button turn to a green Connect to Xero button once successful.

How can I delete a property?

Since system keeps the records of all created bookings, if there are bookings associated with a property, system does not allow property deletion. In such case, you can Deactivate the property instead. First, make sure property is disconnected from Zeevou Channels. a. Go to Channel Manager Config and unmap the property from all the channels. …

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How can I delete a unit?

As long as bookings are associated with a unit, system does not allow deleting it. You need to first make sure the unit you want to delete has no booking associated with it. Please edit bookings, remove the units (make the booking unallocated), and save the changes. Once all the bookings associated with the unit …

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How to duplicate a Unit Type?

If you would like to duplicate a unit type and add only slight changes to some fields, in Unit Type view page, click on Clone option. Clone option will lead you to Create Unit Type page in which all fields are filled based on the main unit type data and you can change your preferred …

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How to breakdown the total price of a booking?

In booking view page, click on Finance button and choose Generate Partial Payment Link. In the opened pop up, once you enter your preferred amount, the new payment link gets generated. You can Copy or Send the link to the guest.

How do I deactivate a unit or property?

Remove all the mappings with the channels. Mark all your bookings as cancelled. Open the property and click on Deactivate Property button if you want to deactivate the entire property, or edit the unit and click on Delete if you just want to remove the unit itself.

How can I set up add-ons?

In Zeevou Sell/Add-ons, you can create different Add-ons as you wish. There, you need to choose a name, determine its Type, and Price (Fixed or Percentage). Then, by filling Default Sales and Purchase Price fields, you can set the price you have purchased it (say the add-on is Breakfast) and the Price you are going …

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What do some options in Property mean?

 “Allow Direct Booking” This option determines whether the property can be booked through the organisation domain or not. “Allow Booking From Zeevou Direct” This option determines whether the property can be booked through Zeevou Direct or not.

How do I create a promotion, discount or voucher code for the direct booking engine on my website?

Firstly, you need to create a promotion. Under Zeevou Sell from the main menu select Promotions, and then click on the Create Promotion button on the top right hand corner. On the page that opens, fill the Name field with a name of your choice. If you would like to apply this promotion in conjunction …

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How do I disable automated emails?

To deactivate a notification trigger, you can visit the Notification Trigger Rules and remove the template from the corresponding notification. You can do this by disassociating the Template from the notification trigger rule (once you have opened the trigger, click on the cross to the right of the template and then click on Save and …

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Why can’t I finalise the mapping with

If you are getting the below error message, you may not have reached step 3 yet on’s process of connecting to a channel manager. Please initiate the connection on as per the instructions provided before attempting the steps on Zeevou’s side.

How do I export an iCal from Zeevou and import it into another site?

Under Zeevou Huts -> Units, right-click on the iCal Link on the right side of the list for the unit you want to copy the iCal link for. Select Copy Link Address. Paste the copied link into the OTA/listing site/Google Calendar that you are trying to export the events too.Instructions for HomeAway:

How do I set a hold?

You need to go to Zeevou Sell, then to Zeevou Blocked Dates and set the dates or hours you want your property to be blocked.

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